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    Google Site Map can be used to generate maps of pages of a site in Google site map XML format.There is one class for defining site map item information that includes the location of a site page, last modification time, change frequency and priority.The main class can gather all the site map items and generate the site map definition in ...
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    clsGoogleApi is meant to search the Web or anything else indexed by Google using its Web services API. With this class you process the search results in any way that suits your needs.
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    Google Dancer is meant to query different Google servers and analyse the results to determine if their search index is being updated. This index update is also known as Google Dance.This class checks whether Google is dancing making three types of tests: counting the number of links pointing to a set of domains, counting the number of indexed pages of ...
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    Google It is meant to get the latest headline from Google news site. You can choose a topic and the class will retrive the latest topic headline so you can display it in your site.
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    Google Client is a simple class that searches the Web using Google via the SOAP Web services API. This class requires the PHP 5 SOAP extension.Requirements: PHP 5 SOAP extension
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    SearchGooSimple is perhaps the simplest PHP Google API Search Script there is.With just two files to upload and one parameter to edit, you can have it up and running on your site in minutes. It uses The Google Web API and NuSOAP to provide a site search or full web search capability.
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    This PHP API enables you to rapidly develop Google search tools for integration into your own web application. It utilised the PEAR SOAP package to simplify communcations with Google. A Google Development API Key is also required and can be obtained from www.google.com.
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    Simple PHP script which results the current SERP for your site on Google.
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    GoogChart is a free PHP script designed with just one goal, to make it super simple to create and maintain dynamic charts through Google Charts.
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    QGoogleVisualizationAPI extends on the QGoogleVisualizationAPI package. This release allows integration of template based Javascript functions or classes.QGoogleVisualizationAPI uses the ability of the Google Web API to work with JSON objects to reduce the volume of transferred data.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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