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    School Management System is a PHP script for managing a school's records. This system allows a school's administrators to keep online records of their students, their parents, grades and the school staff. At one point, Gmail credentials are requested during the install for sending out emails. Do not offer them if not sure how they are handled. This step can ...
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    This script extracts address book contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook/Outlook Express, Plaxo and others.It can also extract emails from a particular url and also from the text pasted in the textarea. All these are are then stored in the MySQL database and can be used to send the invitations from your site.
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    GMail Attachment Downloader checks a GMail account with IMAP enabled, finds unread messages, sees if they have any attachements, and then saves the attachment in a directory.The purpose of GMail Attachment Downloader is to act as a part of a moblog (mobile phone photo blog), and in its current form it treats every attachment as an image.With slight modification, you ...
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    The Google GData Web Services API is used for authentication on behalf of a specified Gmail user. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Gmail Gallery can present a gallery of pictures stored in messages of a given e-mail account of GMail. It can present pictures that were sent as attachments of messages sent to the GMail account. You need to download libgmailer class from http://gmail-lite.sourceforge.net.The image attachment file names should the format pic1.jpg and pic1_thumb.jpg, pic2.jpg and pic2_thumb.jpg, and so on. The presence ...
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    Grab Gmail Address Book can be used to grab the contact lists of an Gmail user.Grab Gmail Address Book can authenticate in Google with the user name and password of a given account. Then it can retrieve the contact lists from the Gmail user address book.The retrieved contact lists are parsed and returned as arrays.
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    GmAtom establishes an SSL connection to the Gmail Web servers, authenticates as a given user, and retrieves XML Atom feeds with lists of messages stored in the specified mailbox.GmAtom can retrieve new mail messages from one or multiple Gmail mailboxes. All of the message in the Inbox, or only the ones with a specified label, can be retrieved.GmAtom retrieved message ...
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    AddressBookImport - Address Book Import Script for Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and more. Free trial version is also available for download. This requires PHP and cURL installed on the web server.
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    Free Gmail Contacts Importer Script is the gmail address book importer script from the original developer, now for free. The package includes invitation script similar to the demo on the author's website. Works well with both php5 and php4 on linux, windows, mac etc. with PHP and cURL installed. This script is completely separate and DOES NOT include functionality to ...
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    Displays your currently remaining Gmail invites in a PNG image. Perfect for those forum sigs! It uses the libgmailer library and requires GD2.
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