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  1. GithubApi
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    GithubApi_v3 is a PHP script to interact with the GitHub API. As the name hints, the script works with GitHub's latest API version, v3. GithubApi_v3 can be used to interface with the GitHub JSON API from PHP and perform the following actions:- authenticate on GitHub- get user details- get a list of issues- close an issue- add a new issue- ...
  2. GitHub Class
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    This PHP script is a wrapper for the GitHub API. It works with the GitHub v2 API. Each method is documented with PHPDoc and inline comments.Requirements:- GitHub API key
  3. Doctrine Migrations
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    The Doctrine Migrations offer additional functionality on top of the database abstraction layer (DBAL) for versioning your database schema and easily deploying changes to it. It is a very easy to use and powerful tool. To use the Migrations as supplement you have to get the sources from the GitHub repository, either by downloading them, checking them out as SVN ...
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