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    hrwsBLZ can create and initialize a database table to insert or query german bank identification codes. Now you can also verify accountnumbers matching a given bank identification code. The "Deutsche Bundesbank" provides formatted datafiles with all valid german bank identification codes. With this class, you can import these files and use it for payment data validation.
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    QDate are base classes that take care of generic date formatting functions and options. A base container sub-class provides functions to set and get each element of a date like the year, month, day, hour, minute, second, etc. Two-subclasses can be used to change the date default format to ISO or German. The classes QDate provide a fluent interface so ...
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    Inspired by the eBayAPI from Sunny Rajpal, ebay_de is technically completely different and faster. All the information is gathered in one single loop. ebay_de is for German eBay pages only (ebay.de, ebay.at). The function showdata() shows some relevant information about a given ebay auction. Caution: there are auctions that do not cooperate well with ebay_de and ebay_de will return wrong ...
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    Date() is a very good function to render date strings. But it is difficult to generate german date strings. The short day format in German is only two characters long, not three.Monday is not Mon but Mo in short format "D". An example can be seen in the class heading comment. Use the standard date() syntax and have German date ...
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    The information contained in the PHP files is extracted. The documentation of the classes or functions is outputted to a page or stored in a file.Limitations: The code and comments of the class are in German.
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    Number to word class can be used to spell numbers in French in a way that respects the particularities of the French language.Number to word class also supports spelling numbers in English and German and can be adapted to support other idioms.Number to word class can spell numbers between 0 to 999 999 999 999 999 999.
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    checkidd checks german passport IDDs for correct syntax and checksumscheckidd returns information in an array like this:Array([0]=> 1 / 0 | syntax check[1]=> 1 / 0 | 1.checksum[2]=> 1 / 0 | 2.checksum[3]=> 1 / 0 | 3.checksum[4]=> 1 / 0 | overall checksum[5]=> passport number[6]=> day of birth (dd.mm.yy))
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    hrwsPassport validates the numbers from a german identity card or passport.It also returns the birth date, the expiration date and the age of the owner.
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    Backup program for MySQL databases that creates MySQL database backup files on your server. The backup files are in the same format as the phpmyadmin dump files. Simple installation. Optional german or english language. Comments in German and english.
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