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    No-Spam IP Geolocation is an unique way to protect the blog against spam. The No-Spam IP Geolocation plugin uses geolocation to protect the blog against spammers. It uses CloudFlare's IP Geolocation service to stop 'dumb' bots dead in their tracks. No-Spam IP Geolocation can embed a new form field in the comments and site registration forms, asking the user for ...
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    Infosniper Geolocation XML API allows you to instantly check any IP address or hostname to detect order fraud. Defend your business or shop by comparing entered shipping addresses with the geolocation of a buyer. The web service returns continent, country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, dma code, timezone, gmtoffset and many many more. You will be able to integrate ...
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    IP2Location Geolocation XML Web Service allows instant lookup of Internet visitors geographical locations by IP address.The web service returns country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, ISP and domain name information. Developers can integrate the web service using SOAP protocol and no database installation or update required.Free sample codes available in several programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ...
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