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    KMLCreator is a PHP class to create KML files. KML is the Google Earth format to present geographical elements like eares, points, lines, polygons.KMLCreator let you create almost every possibities that kml permits to do. Here are the elements available :- Folders : present your datas in folders- Areas, Lines, Polygons and points : every geographical elements are available- Styles ...
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    PHP GPS Locator can be used to retrieve information from GPS receivers using the NMEA 0183 protocol. It can connect to a GPS receiver via serial port under Windows or Mac OS X.PHP GPS Locator retrieves and decodes NMEA 0183 protocol messages to obtain GPS information. The retrieved information can be stored in a MySQL database.
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    geocode can be used to retrieve the geographic coordinates of a location. It may also be used to retrieve Javascript code to display maps of a location using Virtual Earth or Google Maps API.It uses the Geocoding tool of Emad Fanous to retrieve the necessary information by accessing the tool Web site.
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    Uses geocoding data from yahoo.com to create a customizable Google Map that can be placed on your website in as little as 5 lines of code.
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    Calculator can be used to perform simple mathematical operations.Currently Calculator can:- Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers- Find roots of an equation, if any- Base calculations- Simple geometrical calculations for circles and triangles- Fractional notation of a number
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    PostGIS is a wrapper to execute the stored procedures of the PostGIS package for manipulating objects of a Geographic Information System (GIS) stored in PostgreSQL.Most of the class functions just call PostGIS procedures, but there are also utility functions for instance to import ESRI shapefiles.
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    php Zip Locator is capable of calculate the distance between two zip codes and also find all the zip codes located at a limited distance from a given zip codes.php Zip Locator is meant to be used for instance by e-commerce sites to locate dealers or service stations near to a given region of the United States. It uses a ...
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    Given an IP or a Hostname, it returns information about the country, latitude and longitude of the geographic location of the host on the world.worldlocator also shows a map image marking the location. This map can ve viewed perfectly even if your server doesn't have GD.
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    Country From IP is a free PHP script can be used to determine country of the network of a given IP address to look for a simple text database file. It can also determine the path of an image file of the flag of a given country.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    IP to Country classes is meant to determine the country where is its located the Internet network given the IP address of computer.The class uses a CSV file named ip-to-country.csv that lists the IP address ranges and the respective countries. That file can be obtained from from webhosting.info site .IP to Country classes can lookup the IP range CSV file ...
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    Want to know what websites are located in your neighborhood? GeoURL Site Lookup, a phpnuke block that allows makes use of the new GeoURL.org service to display the closest sites to you, geographically speaking.
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