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    genClass can be used to generate PHP classes to manipulate MySQL database tables.genClass can retrieve the list of fields and their data types of a given MySQL table. Then it generates a class with functions to insert, retrieve, update and delete rows of that table.The table field values are stored in class variables.
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    Password can be used to generate passwords based on rules. It can generate one or more passwords with a given length.By default the passwords contain 75% letters and 25% digits. The case of the letters may be lower, upper or mixed. The generated passwords may be excluded so they do not match words listed in a dictionary file.
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    Button Maker Lite can be used to generate button images with text dynamically. It generates an image with a given background pattern image and renders a text label over the background at a given position.The dimensions of the button are adjusted according to the text bounding box size. The button image may have different types of border styles: in, out ...
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    DigiOz Datagrid can be used to browse data from a given MySQL table to display it using HTML tables. It executes a SELECT SQL query to retrieve data from a given table.The data is retrieved into an array of a limited number of rows that corresponds to the current result page to display. The data is displayed in an HTML ...
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    SPagin can be used to generate navigation HTML links for pagination of arbitrary listings split in multiple pages. It takes as parameters the limit number entries to display per page, total number of entries in the whole listing and the number of the current page.SPagin generates links using a base URL to go to the first page, last page, and ...
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    ACE class can be use to generate Javascript to call functions of PHP class objects from the client side. It generates Javascript code to create Javascript objects on the client side that act as proxies of PHP objects on the server side.The generated code uses AJAX to communicate with the server side script that defines the ACE class. ACE class ...
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    Formularios can be used to manipulate database table records using Web forms.Formularios can generate validated HTML forms for creating or editing database table records from a definition of the mapping of table fields into form fields.The database is accessed using PEAR::DB API. The output of the forms is defined using the Smarty template engine.
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    Ever tried to make a Paypal button using their Button Creator, or even by getting the information from their Help pages? It's not easy or dynamic. I've made many sites that use Paypal for their payment of both single items and multi item shopping carts. I've created this class to make my job easier. I have not come upon something ...
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    Form Table Generator can be used to generate HTML forms for adding or editing MySQL database table records. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table. Then it generates HTML forms for entering values of records of that table.The table primary key field can be automatically omitted from the output. The generated forms may be populated ...
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    Automatic Keyword Generator can automatically suggest keywords from content text. It can be used for instance to suggest keywords for the META tags of a Web site page.Automatic Keyword Generator counts the number of occurrences of single or multiple word expressions within the given content text. The most frequent expressions are suggested as keywords. The class exclude a given list ...
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    GenDummyClass can be used to generate the skeleton of class or interface based on an existing class.It uses the PHP 5 reflection API to retrieve the definition of the class to clone. It can also recursively find and generate the skeletons of the parent classes of the given class.The generated class skeletons are saved to given files.
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    Ciul Pager can be used to generate navigation links for paginated listings.It generates links to go to each of the pages of a listing of entries with a given maximum number of entries per page, the total number of entries and the number of the current page being displayed.The format of the link URLs is configurable.
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    Random Word can be used to generate a random readable word. It can generate a word of a given length starting with a consonant followed by alternating vowels and consonants to make the generated word more readable.The generated word may be adjusted to include lower case letters, upper case letters, or have only the first letter in upper case.
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    cappypass can be use to generate text string to use as a password with random characters with certain constraints. It can generate a random text with a a given length.The text characters may be picked from several character sets. Currently cappypass uses predefined character sets that consist of: lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, several special characters.
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    CWebFXMenu can be used to generate pull-down menus for HTML pages using Javascript. It can build the definition of a structure of menus, sub-menus, items and item separators.CWebFXMenu can generate HTML and Javascript to implement defined menu structure using Erik Arvidsson's WebFX Javascript libraries.
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