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    TagCloud-a-like script is an easy to configure Tag-cloud script that will randomize the display of your links.Usage:- Add links to the "$array" in the predefined structure.- Use "include('cloud.php')" to call the script.
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    SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator Software, is a php based sitemap generator for Google, RSS, HTML and Text site maps. SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator includes a range of configurable variables to define the site map content and can be run as an online form for Static SiteMaps or to create real time Dynamic SiteMaps that can be directly called. ...
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    Random Email Generator for Spambots is a PHP project which generates realistic looking email pages in order to trick spam bot harvesters into collecting fake address. Hopefully, the result will be that the spam bot will report back millions of fake addresses to the spammer's servers. Random Email Generator for Spambots is a free, open source program. If you make ...
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    HTMLForm can be used to generate XHTML forms with Javascript to perform client side validation. It can compose a form added all the types of basic HTML form inputs. It also provides convenience functions for adding input for specific purposes, like password and confirmation inputs and password change inputs.There is a separate class to implement advanced text are inputs. HTMLForm ...
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    mabp::tagCloud can be used to display tag clouds from a list of tag names. It builds a list of links from an array of tags, assigning color brightness and font sizes according the assigned tag priorities. The tags have links based on the tag text.mabp::tagCloud can also merge two or more clouds. The color and the sizes of tag texts ...
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    Multi-User Tag Cloud can be used to manage clouds of tags added by multiple users. It can store in MySQL database tables tags associated by different users to given URLs.Multi-User Tag Cloud can build tag clouds by assigning different font sizes to each recorded tag. It can also remove one or all tags added by a given user, update the ...
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    mysqlForm can be used to create HTML forms for entering values to create new records of a MySQL database table. It queries a MySQL database to retrieve the list of fields of a given table. Then it generates HTML for a form that includes inputs to enter values for the fields of a new record of that table.mysqlForm generates text ...
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    Tooltips Generator Class is a PHP script that generates nice, template driven, JavaScript tooltips.Features of Tooltips Generator Class:- works on all major browsers (no transparency on Opera, though)- in Internet Explorer it shows above HTML SELECT elements- the appearance of the tooltips is template driven- only onmouseover/onmousemove events need to be sepcified - no onmouseout!
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    dbStringIt can be used to generate SQL statements to update database table records from submitted form field values.dbStringIt takes an array of posted form request values and combines the values to generate a string that can be used in an SQL UPDATE statement to update the fields of records with the same names of form fields.
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    XP Menu Generator can be used to generate menus of HTML links similar to those of Windows XP.XP Menu Generator takes a list of menu categories and category links and generates HTML and Javascript that make all categories appear in a vertical menu bar.When the user clicks on a category, the category links appear below it. When the user clicks ...
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    Fast HTML form creator and validator can be used to generate and validate Web forms.Fast HTML form creator and validator can generate HTML with Javascript to validate form input values on the browser side. The class may also validate the input values on the server side. Currently it only supports a validation rule to check whether a required input is ...
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    coFormClass can be used to generate and validate HTML forms.There is a main class to generate and validate the form. There are also several other classes that wrap the implementation of the form elements like: text boxes, static text, text area, date list, object, file, select and hidden inputs.coFormClass can automatically display the whole form in an HTML table or ...
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    cal_TagCloud can be used to generate a tag cloud from an array of tags. It takes an array with a list of tags and generate the cloud considering the number of times each tag appears in the list.cal_TagCloud outputs a piece of HTML with links with the tag names pointing to pages with more detail about each tag.The presentation of ...
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    Property sheets drawing engine can be used to create Web based user interfaces for configuring sets of properties.Property sheets drawing engine can compose and generate HTML forms with fields that appear split between multiple pages. The form pages may be browsed using a tab or wizard like user interface.The form may be composed adding several types of fields to each ...
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    am_Forms can be used to generate and validate Web forms. It can generate HTML for generating the basic tables of Web form inputs.am_Forms can also generate Javascript code to validate form inputs on the browser side according to validation rule parameters.Currently am_Forms supports the following input value validations: required, e-mail address, telephone number, age, price, city code, equal inputs, minimum ...
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