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    There is a main forms class, a base input class and several input implementation classes that can validate and render inputs of several types: date, file, hidden, text, select, submit and text area.Forms are rendered by generating all the HTML code for layout out the form inputs automatically.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Scrubs is an object relational mapping and data persistence tool for Web application development. It allows the developer to define a database schema in xml, and generates data object classes that the developer will use to persist and retrieve data.Scrubs solves the problem of using relational data in a PHP object oriented application. Be patient on tutorials and documentation. It ...
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    Several classes are responsible with abstracting the definition and generation of HTML tags including some specialized ones for defining HTML tables: table, tr, th and td.
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    A MySQL query is executed and an HTML tabled is generated from the resulting data.Export To Excel can also generate the necessary request headers to make the outputted HTML be downloaded as file by the browser with a file name that makes the file be readable by Microsoft Excel.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    cssProgressBar generates HTML with CSS style definitions that are used to render the progress bar. The bar size can be adjusted according to a specified percentage value.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    HTML 2 PDF Report can call a remove Web service that converts the HTML page with a given URL to a PDF document. The generated PDF document will be served as the current script output.
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    Form PDF can generate an FDF document from an associative array of form values. The generated document can be saved to a file.Form PDF can also do the opposite, i.e. extract form values into an associative arrat from FDF files. An FDF file can also be converted to a PDF file by using the pdftk program.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A PHP class that can generate a code valid for a limited time. Based on a secret key you can generate a code that is valid only for a limited period of time or as a one time password (OTP), so this class extends the OTP to support the valability of the code in time.The password generated can be verified ...
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    HTML Generator Class can be used to generate HTML documents programmatically. There are several classes that abstract HTML documents and different types of HTML page elements.HTML Generator Class can define the page elements from element specific options configurable using setter functions.The classes can generate the elements HTML that is returned as a string.Currently HTML Generator Class provides classes to abstract ...
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    DbCodeBuilder will generate code for classes to access databases as objects. It accesses a database to retrieve the information about tables and columns for which it is intended to generate data access classes.DbCodeBuilder generates value object classes (VO) to manage the mapped object information with all the necessary getter and setter functions. It also generates data object class (DAO) to ...
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    Class Treeview can be used to display a collapsible tree of documents. It generates HTML with Javascript to display a tree of folders and sub-folders with links to the documents.The document links trigger the execution of Javascript code, so Class Treeview can be used to execute other actions besides opening new document pages.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    dyn_php can be used to generate PHP code programmatically. Currently it can add scalar variable definitions, array variables and constants.When the code definition is done, dyn_php can save the generated code to a PHP file.
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    FuseBox Manager can be used to generate code for web applications that use the Fusebox architecture.FuseBox Manager parses Fusebox XML project definition files and generates PHP code of Web applications that will use the Fusebox run-time framework.
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    Tag Clouds can be used to manage and generate tag clouds from tags stored in files. It can open a file that contains a serialized array of tag words and the respective weight.Tag Clouds add more words to a cloud and update the tag cloud file. The tag cloud is rendered using a given template string to represent each tag ...
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    AJAX Wrapper is a PHP wrapper around Scriptaculous and Prototype libraries to implement Web applications that use AJAX to access the Web server without reloading the current page.There are several classes to generate HTML and Javascript code for page elements that communicate with the server using AJAX to process events of interaction between the user and those page elements.The scripts ...
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