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    A random number of objects that represent HTML tag nodes are generated. Each object may have a random number of child HTML tag nodes up to to a given limit of nested depth. Each HTML tag node is also filled with random data.Once the random tree of HTML nodes is generated, the HTML document is generated as the output of ...
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    Object Generator generates the Data Access Object (DAO) classes by retrieving the structure of database tables.Object Generator have:- Set and Get functions for each table field.- A function which can retrieve the data from a table record just passing the its id primary key value.Limitations:Object Generator comments are in Spanish.
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    PHP 5 Form Class can be used to compose and generate HTML forms in a programmatic way.PHP 5 Form Class provides functions to start and finish composing a form, adding form inputs, add input labels and starting and finishing the definition of a field set with an eventual legend.The form is generated by calling the __toString function. PHP 5 Form ...
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    Panel_Fichas tab control generates an HTML table that acts like the Tab Control we use in GUIs. It has a tab bar in first top row with the appropiate links and names of every tab is defined.The second row of the table deploys the contents of the active tab, which can turn out to be a string contained in a ...
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    QXML can work with an XML's textNodes and attributes, stores them into an array and generates an XML document. It can also take an XML document or string and parsing it to build an array.Key Features of QXML:- Array to XML Conversion while preserving attributes- XML to Array Conversion- XML to SimpleXMLElement Object- SimpleXMLElement Object to XML- XML to JSON- ...
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    Styled Message Box can generate messages boxes in HTML for presenting errors and confirmation or warning messages.Styled Message Box uses HTML layers to present the message boxes as floating windows that can be closed. The message box window can be optionally closed when the user clicks outside the window box.The message boxes presented can configured with custom CSS styles and ...
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    Inputs of the types text, password, textarea, checkbox and select, can be generated.
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    A list of colors defined by names and RGB values is used as input. The generated ACO file is served for download as the current script output or it can be saved to the disk.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    FineDiv generates only one image for the corners and a CSS style sheet to produce a cross browser compatible rounded corners effect that works without JavaScript.Parameters such as the corner colors, radius, width and output image format can be configured.The corners image can be generated in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. When the GIF format is used, the corner edges ...
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    form create class can be used generate and configure HTML forms.
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    GonxTabs creates HTML tab controls that are meant to switch between different content or aspects of a page.GonxTabs outputs HTML that displays tab navigation links decorated with nice images served by a class that containes built-in image data generated with img2php class.
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    Tab Class generates HTML to display a window with tab button controls. When the tabs are clicked, the contents of the window changes without page reloading.Static HTML files, text files or the output of a PHP script can be used to define each of the tabs.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    CHtmlTable provides functions to add table rows and table data or header cells to the table definition. The content and the attributes of the table rows and cells are specified as function arguments.The previous table rows are automatically closed when a new row is started. CHtmlTable generates the table and stores the generated HTML in a class variable.
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    KExCel can build an Excel sheet document by first defining the column titles and then the data of each of the sheet rows.The generated document gets returned as a string value or is served for download from the current script.Limitations: The code and the comments are in Spanish.
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    XML Array can store an array of strings in a XML document. It can also do the opposite, which is to parse a XML document and return an array of strings stored in it.XML Array uses PHP DOM XML API to generate and parse the XML documents.
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