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    URL can be used to generate URLs for dynamic scripts and also protect them from junk.
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    Generic Form class can generate the form start and end tags from a list of parameters set using class variables like the form id, name, action, method, encoding type and events.Basic input tags can also be generated from a list of parameters set by class variables like the input id, name, type, CSS style, value, disabled and read only options.Requirements: ...
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    HTML form elements can be defined from a list of parameters of several types like text, password, hidden, button, checkbox, radio, select, textarea and images.Another HTML Generator can generate the HTML output of the form including Javascript for event handling, redirecting the browser to another page, go back to the previous page, reload the current page, or open pop-up windows.Requirements: ...
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    The styling of the tables can be customized.
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    XMap is a PHP Class and a set of tools to automate the creation of HTML pages. It use a XML file where you can place all of your html pages like title, description, keywords. In addition, XMap can generated the Navigator Bar on your site, can tell to your page what html file to load as menu and so ...
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    The code of snippets can be used to generate PHP script files inside a specified directory. PHP actuator can then run the scripts using the PHP standalone CLI program and display the scripts output.PHP actuator can also list all the previously generated scripts within a form select input to let the user pick which script he wants to try.Requirements: PHP ...
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    To use CTable, simply create an instance of it, like so:$table = new CTable();You will then need to assign the number of rows for the class, this is done using the Rows() method, like so:$table->Rows(5);You will also need to define the number of cells for the table, in much the same way you define the Rows, using the Cells() method, ...
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    extension to form.inc is an extension to the form.inc class. As opposed to the standard multipleselect lists, this uses a normal select box, but when an item is selected, it appears next to the selectbox.If another item is selected, extension to form.inc will appear under the first item selected. If one of the already selected items is reselected, it will ...
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    The images are loaded from a file or data string or object.Key Features of Imaging:- method hexColorValid #rgb #x #xx jms --> #rrggbb- method map_PHPOCTHEX($input,'phparr|phphex|webhex|webrgb') to convert and use several color description formats php array, html rgb(r,g%,b)- Rescale images to a given width and height- Save manipulated images to a given path and image format- Generate an HTML table mapping ...
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    HV Array To RDF Collection can be used to generate XML RDF documents from associative arrays that define hierarchies of data collections. It functions and variables should be accessed statically.HV Array To RDF Collection can be used for template generation for XUL user interfaces presented by the Mozilla browsers. The example requires a browser based on Firefox 1.5 or later.Requirements: ...
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    XML to from array can take an nested associative array and generate a XML document. An XML document can also be parsed back into an array.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The default implementation of property setter and getter functions is provided by a base abstract class. Concrete model classes are derived from the base abstract class.Objects of a model class can be created either directly instantiating the class or calling a factory class that takes care of automatically loading the class from a directory where model class files reside.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Options such as the font, font size, font color, table color, border color and others, can be completely customized.phpCal can color the table cells of each day according to existence of events for that day.
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    Several classes for generating different types of basic HTML elements such as paragraphs, links, forms, images, etc., are provided.go!Johnny class library also provides several other classes that can generate more complex custom page elements like menus, blog entries, Flash players, Google maps, etc..Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Several classes are provided to wrap around different types of HTML element tags.Each HTML element class can take specific parameters and generate HTML that can be used by parent elements in the document hierarchy to generate complete HTML documents.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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