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    ZIP Client is designed to generate ZIP archives of all the files to publish in a present folder, It is a great PHP compression script to send ZIP archives to Produce and Publish servers. XML-RPC requests can be sent to submit the archives to a given Produce and Publish server.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Multi-byte Keyword Generator can be used to Extract meta keywords from multi-byte texts. It is an enhanced version of the "Automatic Keyword Generator" class originally written by Ver Pangonilo. This version provides better word segmentation, the ability to handle multi-byte strings, and texts in multiple languages. Requirement: PHP 4.0 or higher
  3. Select php generator class
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    This free Select PHP code generator script generates the html code that displays a select menu like the one shown below. It saves you the time and effort of creating the code manually and allows you to easily modify the contents of the menu whenever you want easily.
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    Print Line Table generates HTML table reports from associative arrays with data that define the header titles and the contents of the rows. Functions of Print Line Table:- Display the first row with the titles of the columns- Highlight rows with special colors when the user drags the mouse pointer over them- Display links for given pages where eventually details ...
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    This class can be used to generate PDF documents in pure PHP, thus without requiring special PHP extensions. It is based on the original tcpdf PDF generator class written by Olivier Plathey, but it was adapted to support right to left texts and the Farsi idiom. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This class can be used to spell number with words of Serbian or other idioms. It can parse a number and generate a string that spell the number in one of the supported idioms. Currently it supports Serbian, English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc.. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This is a very simple class that can be used to generate random passwords. It generates a string of a given length with random alphanumeric characters from an array defined as a class variable. The code and comments are in Spanish. In Spanish: Clase muy sencilla que genera contraseñas de cualquier tamaño en segundos con pocas lineas ideal para generar ...
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    This class can be used to generate HTML forms from a specification string. It takes a text string that defined all the details of all input of the form to be generated. The input definition includes the name, type and if the input is required. The class generates the necessary HTML to present the form with the specified required displaying ...
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    This package can be used to edit text formatted with BBCode tags. It can generate a tool bar with form buttons to format text in a textarea field using BBCode tags to represent the supported text styles and other edition functions. Currently it can set the text style to bold, italic, underline and strike-through, set the text font family, color ...
  10. RSS 2 Feed maker
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    This class can be used to generate XML for RSS 2 feeds. It can compose an RSS feed by adding the channel and the items' parameters. The class can render the RSS 2 XML definition as the current script output. Requirement: PHP 5.0
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    Generates a set of php configuration classes from a supplied xml file. You can then access your configuration values very quickly without having to parse the xml file on every request. This class can be used to generate a PHP class from an XML file. It is a professional PHP code generator. The element (tag) names become property names and ...
  12. Easy Message
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    Easy Message can be used to display messages read from an XML file. It can parse a XML file with messages and generate HTML to display a given message on a Web page.The message is displayed using a different CSS class according to the type of message defined in the CSS file.
  13. ABC_RSS
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    This class can be used to compose and generate RSS 2.0 feeds.It can compose the details of the RSS feed channel and the items it contains.The class can generate the XML string and either store it in a file, display it in the browser as the current script output, or force the browser to download.
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    This package implements a template engine that uses PHP as template language.It takes template strings which are PHP scripts, and parse them using the PHP tokenizer extension to figure the blocks and sections of the template.The template engine supports several types of tags which are converted into PHP code and merged with the template PHP code. The resulting code is ...
  15. uDebug
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    UDebug can be used to generate XML reports from PHP script execution. UDebug is a free PHP debug script.It can keep track of the time when PHP executed certain sections of a PHP script.This script can generate a XML document with the information of when PHP started and ended executing each section.Requirement: PHP 5.2 or higher
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