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    The XmlNode class is intended for developers who need to generate an XML or XHTML document on-the-fly. It requires PHP 5 support for defining the interface WritableDocument that is implemented by different XML node classes.
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    A class for building the big list of country selections, with some parameterization.
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    MySQL utility is a class meant to execute tasks for multiple purposes of accessing a MySQL database.Functions of MySQL utility:- Take a backup and restore a database using MySQL dump files- Execute the most common types SQL queries passing lists of parameters- Perform controlled rollback to undo the last executed SQL query whenever possible- Copy a database from a local ...
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    form_db creates a HTML-Form with data from a database record. The database can be updated with the changed data from the form.
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    BabelKit is an interface to a universal multilingual database code table. BabelKit takes all of the programming work out of maintaining multiple database code definition sets in multiple languages.The code administration and translation page lets you define new virtual code tables, new languages, enter all codes and their descriptions and then translate them into all languages of interest.Perl and PHP ...
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    Formcat is a class for performing form validation on the client side. The goal of Formcat is to generate Javascript code to validate forms before they are submited to the server.It works as a plug-in for the Smarty template engine. It is a good complement SmartyValidate plug-in that performs server side validation.It supports many built-in validation criteria: empty, range, length, ...
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    PHP 5 provides an extension to provide built-in support for implementing Web services with SOAP, but it does not generate Web Services descriptions in WDSL to let SOAP clients discover how to use the available Web services.Soap Discovery generates WSDL using the reflection API of PHP 5 to reverse engineer the class definitions. It only generates RPC WSDL, not Document ...
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    parseCSS, a class for parsing CSS files or strings. Features of parseCSS:- Returns associative array containing all css parameters.- Generates a css from associative array.- Package also includes demo code for using this class with Flash file so that a Flash animation can use styles from CSS stylesheet (Code by Feike Brouwer).Example: associative array $oCSS->css["body"]["font-size"]="12pt;"
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    classHTML, despite is incomplete yet, is fully functional. It is meant to generate HTML code completely from PHP, with beautiful output.
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    phpreports is a PHP report generator application that uses XML report layout files to generate PHP code and show a report.phpreports supports grouping, subgrouping, functions like sum(), avg(), min(), max() etc..
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    DMenuGenerator can generate HTML menus with entries that can trigger Javascript actions when they are clicked. It provides means to define the menu entry labels, presentation styles and the Javascript code to associate to each entry.The comments in the class are in English and Portuguese.
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    HTML Generator can be used to compose and output HTML documents programmatically. It provides means to compose an HTML document by adding tags and data to it.The generated HTML code is fully compliant with W3 consortium HTML standards.
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    GrCharts is a class meant for generating bar charts on which each bar is represents a share value relative to a given starting total value. It can be used to generate charts for presenting poll results.GrCharts generates HTML tags for each bar in the chart in several styles that are available like using images to draw the bars or just ...
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    FF Form is meant to generate Web forms filling field values with data taken from a MySQL database. The class fill the values of select fields, radio and checkbox field groups.
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    Form Class provides a easy and useful methods for creating Html form tags.
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