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    The SVG Class encapsulates the basic SVG elements into individual classes. It generates well-formed SVG documents.
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    This class is meant to ease the generation of database queries by composing the SQL statements based on parameters passed dynamically to the class functions.SQL Query can generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements. It has functions to specify the columns involved in the queries, the column values and the conditions that will determine which database table rows will ...
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    Validator classes dynamically creates validation javascript.Currently Validator classes is only generating limited comparisons. I did not want to clutter up the code with unnecessary test cases when I did not use them within my system.The system is fairly easy to understand and fairly easy to extend. Just the sort of thing that everyone has been looking for in a validator
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    Create Sitemap can be used to generate XML file with the map of the files from a directory.Create Sitemap traverses a given directory recursively and generate nested XML document that lists the names of all files and sub-directories contained in the input directory.
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    Basic message Catalog utility for php, provides a basic way to generate multiple languages scripts.
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    Create Forms and Tables. Multiples options.
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    Generates ics files for importing events into iCalender compatible programms.
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    Basic Table Generator is meant to compose and manipulate the layout of tables to be outputted in HTML.It has functions to define the rows, columns, normal cells, header cells, add and remove rows or columns, split or join cells, and output the final table layout in HTML.The variables and the functions in the class code are in Portuguese
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    Pagina is meant to abstract the generation of HTML pages by defining the elements of page using arrays. The template class was translated to Portuguese and adapted from the Fast Templates class also available in this site.The code, the comments and documentation are mostly written in Portuguese.
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    form-o-mat is meant to generate and validate HTML forms using a few functions to define inputs, load and validate the submitted values, and output the form.form-o-mat lets the developer define individual form inputs or inputs that usually are added in logical groups like groups of radio buttons or checkboxes.When the form inputs are added to the form composition the class ...
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    tag classes takes an HTML tag that has an open and a closing tag, like for instance or foo bar, and breaks it down for easy editing.tag classes can also regenerate an HTML tag from its definition of the markup, attributes and content, eventually after it has been parsed and edited.
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    HTML Editor is meant to dynamically compose and output HTML documents. It provides functions to add many different types of the HTML elements to the document that is being composed.Used with PEAR::HTML_Table and PEAR::HTML_Forms or other PEAR::HTML_* classes provides a complete interface to create HTML documents of any complication or parts of HTML formatted text on the fly.With HTML Editor ...
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    Basic CSS Form Generator is a very simple class for composing and generating HTML forms. It generates valid XHTML Transitional HTML code and uses CSS to define the presentation details of the inputs.
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    DatePicker is a class to generate HTML form fields for choosing dates. It uses javascript to check and generate valid a day for the selected month, considering for leap year.DatePicker remembers its values after invalid form submission. This means that when the user submits a form, the class keeps track of the submitted values. The class also provide the possility ...
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    array_dump.class.php is meant to generate a view of the data in a simple or multidimensional array using indentation and different colors for different results.
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