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    Liste Class can be used to generate form select inputs from the results of MySQL database queries.Features of Liste Class:- Generate the HTML for select inputs from separate definition PHP scripts- Option to make a given option the default selected option- Generate select inputs that appear in one or more lines- Output the current version of the class
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    XML Serializer can be used to store and retrieve objects from XML documents.XML Serializer can traverse the list of public variables of an object and generated a XML document with variable values. It can also do the opposite, by loading a previously generated XML document and restore the original object public variable values.
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    x64 Feeds Generator can generate feeds in different formats by using templates. Some of the current supported feeds formats are: RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3.The feeds are generated by passing data that is commonly used by the different feeds, making easier to generate the feeds without having to change the code. Also, the generated feeds can ...
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    Secure Number Image Creator is a simple class that can be used to generate an image with a random number or text.It can compute a random number, render the number or a given text in an image using the GD extension and then output the image in the GIF format.
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    Form Classic is meant to output forms with common input field types: text, hidden, password, textarea, radio, checkbox, select.Characteritics are:- Can disable each of the inputs- Custom picture for radio and checkbox inputs- Select inputs can have a sorted list of options from a default value to present closest values first using of levenstein PHP function- Select inputs can use ...
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    TabControl can be used to output a navigation tab bar that can dynamically switch the content that appears below the bar options according to the selected tab.TabControl can display a row of tabs showing only one selected at a time the selected tab is rendering with a different style.The tab bar is rendered as table with different cells for each ...
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    Online Contact Sheet Creator is a free tool you can use to generate clean and professional online contact sheets in just seconds. Great for professional photographers and graphic designers. The final contact sheet can then be uploaded as a simple HTML file plus graphics to any web host to be viewed by clients or friends and family. Online Contact Sheet ...
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    SQL Generator can be used to automatically generate common SQL queries from parameter lists. It can generate SQL queries of the types: INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE and DELETE. The class takes the parameters that define the query data from associative arrays.SQL Generator may also return SQL date and time values from integer timestamps, equal conditions or an IN syntax from a ...
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    Podcast Parser can be used to parse and generate RSS feeds for podcasts.Podcast Parser can parse the XML of a podcast feed and return the feed data in an associative array. It can also do the opposite, generate the XML document of a RSS feed for a podcast described with an associative array.
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    Classicus can be used to generate ancient Latin words forms. It generates different forms for Latin nouns, verbs and adjectives.Additionally Classicus can convert Roman numerals to decimal representation and vice-versa.
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    XMI2PHP is a tool for automatic generation PHP class files from XMI files.XMI2PHP is not only able to generate new files but also to update previously generated files for which it preserves changes made since first generation or previous update.
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    Simple HTML form creation is meant to create HTML forms by outputting the HTML tags of its elements one by one. It can be more useful in combination with template engine classes.
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    With Time to generate a page, it is possible to measure the time a page takes to be generated by start counting since the moment before it starts being generated until the moment is finished.
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    LSMTableGenerator can generate HTML tables from cell data and presentation details defined programatically.The table cell data is passed to the class as a two dimensional array. The generated table may present the cell data with horizontal or vertical orientation.LSMTableGenerator also supports setting the table headers, as well the border width, spacing, padding and foreground and background colors and fonts for ...
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    Utility to generate, with three lines of code, a drop down menu with 7821 Italian 'Comuni'.
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