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    Easy Password Generator can be used to generate secure passwords that are easy to remember for humans. It uses random words from a dictionary stored as a text file.Easy Password Generator generates pronounceable words made up from a configurable amount of letters and/or numbers. The first letter of the dictionary word and random word is converted to upper case.Then Easy ...
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    radiocheckbox can be used to generate HTML forms with radio and checkbox inputs from data retrieve from MySQL tables.radiocheckbox can query a MySQL database to retrieve the list of ENUM or SET fields of a table that match a given pattern. It can also retrieve a list of record values of a field in a table that match a given ...
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    From the developer who brought you tinyMuw CMS comes the tinyMuw Password Generator! Just like the CMS, this utility was fully developed in a combat theater (specifically Baghdad, Iraq by an American Infantryman). This script comes with powerful default character sets and standardized bit lengths, but enables the user to easily create their own character set and specify any password ...
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    Listview can be used to generate HTML tables to display lists of arbitrary types of data that can be sorted.The data to be listed is passed to the main class in bidimensional arrays. The title of the columns of the data array is specified separately.A separate render class outputs the list as an HTML table. The titles of the columns ...
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    pAjax can be used to make the browser invoke actions executed on the server side without reloading the current page. It sends what is known as AJAX requests that consist in Javascript calls that sends HTTP requests to the server encapsulate the eventual parameters of the requested actions. Parameters can be any type of data, including objects, arrays, strings, numbers ...
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    PHP-Nuke Awesome Button Maker will allow sites using PHP-NUKE 7+ to provide an 80 x 15 button maker for their members. The button can be customized through a web interface and then saved to the members computer.
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    Chinese Party class can be used to convert a Chinese text between two character set encodings. Currently it can convert between character set encodings between UTF-8 traditional Chinese, UTF-8 simplified Chinese encodings, Big5 and GB2312.When Chinese Party meet some special Chinese character, such as Cantonese characters that commonly used in Hong Kong or Japanese characters that included in Big5 character ...
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    FlexiReport generates tabular HTML reports from database data.It supports nested levels, sub-reports, and totals.The presentation details are configurable using CSS stylesheets.The output is configurable to allow formatting of individual fields: uppercase, percent, currency, decimal, date.Other optional features include hyperlinks inside cells, non-display of duplicate values, conditional formatting, and shared column titles. To use the class it is assumed the developer ...
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    Generate Number Code is a very simple class that can be used to generate random numbers.Generate Number Code can generate a number with a fixed number of digits. Optionally it may return the number as a string padded with spaces or zeros.
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    PHP2HEX can be used to generate scripts to install PHP applications. It generate one script that can be extracted when it is executed in the installation target machine.PHP2HEX can include files and directories to copied to the installation directory. It can also include data to be stored in MySQL databases.Features of PHP2HEX:- Choice between installer layouts- Display a disclaimer- Protect ...
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    Forms generator for MYSQL can be used to generate forms to edit MySQL database table records. It can list table record contents and generate forms to edit an existing record or insert a new record.The output of the forms is rendered using templates.
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    Generates a navigation system for websites with expandable/collapsable sub menus. Menu elements can be hard coded into a seperate data file or taken from a MySQL database. The menu code is then generated in either CSS form or graphical buttons (which are also generated). the necassary CSS and javascript required is also generated depending on which style of menu is ...
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    Logger class oLogger can be used to generate and process log files stored in XML format.Logger class oLogger can add new log entries defined by XML nodes using values defined in an array class variable. The class can also parse a log file and display the log entries.
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    MooFx Generator is a wrapper around MooFx JavaScript HTML page effects library. Currently MooFx Generator provides classes to wrap the following effects:- Transition- fxHeight- fxOpacity- fxWidth- fxScroll- fxCombo- fxAccordion- fxText
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    Data to XML can be used to generate XML documents from data stored in a MySQL database. It can execute a given SQL SELECT query and generate a XML document with query result data.
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