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    Requests coming from SecondLife interaction objects are identified and analyzed in order to extract information from the request headers, such as the object and owner identification, position, velocity or rotation.Requirements: PHP 4.2.0 or higher
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    Scoreboard class is meant to manage the information of scores of games played by individual users. The information is stored in SQL based database.Scoreboard class provides a function to submit a score given the game name, the player user, and score as an integer value. It also has functions to retrieve the high scores table, as well individual user scores ...
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    floCrossword can be used to generate crossword puzzles. It can add words to given positions in the crossword map.Optionally, floCrossword may also validate the consistency of the word position against the position of other words already placed in the crossword map.floCrossword can generate HTML with Javascript code that processes the user letter placement in crossword puzzle map.
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    PHP Chess classes is a package of classes that lets two people play a chess game in a Web site. Once a player makes his move, the opponent is notified by e-mail to let him know that the other player made a move and now it is his turn.The classes implement all chess rules and moves, like "castlings", "en passant" ...
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    PHP Chess is a package of classes that lets two people play a chess game in a Web site. Once a player makes his move, the opponent is notified by e-mail to let him know that the other player made a move and now it is his turn.The classes implement all chess rules and moves, like "castlings", "en passant" captures, ...
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    PHP Poker Engine can be used to implement a Poker game engine. It has a class that can deal and shuffle a deck of cards. There is another class that can evaluate a deck of cards to check if it matches a Poker sequence.In case the deck matches a Poker sequence it returns the name of the sequence and the ...
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    Sudoku class can be used to generate and solve sudoku puzzles. It consists of a set of classes intended to be used as the infrastructure for sites which provide sudoku to third parties.Provisions are made for generation sudoku puzzles from templates, so that particular shapes of clues show up in the puzzles. Requirements:PHP 5
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    Features of Free Word Search Puzzle PHP Script:- Completely customizable template. - Easily integrated into current application. - Custom dictionaries (comes with 7). - Easy to edit file with custom settings. - Puzzle Length & Width changeable via form. Automatic complexity settings.- Easy coloring and word selecting w/checker.- Makesafe file to insure added dictionaries are "puzzle" safe.
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    Dominant Creature is open source RPG engine. Inovative PvP combat system, easy templating, MVC-like modular design. In closed beta v0.5 now. Dominant Creature RPG can be installed and played or developed further.
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    Draw Sudoku can be used to render boards of Sudoku game puzzles. It can read the positions of the numbers from a text file and generate HTML tables that displays the game board.There is also an alternative version of the class that extends Richard Monroe's DM-Sudoku class to render game boards generated by that class.
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    Some Chess is a PHP powered chess program with a MySQL backbone and no javascript. That means that it runs on computer with no access to javascript, unlike yahoo games (& etc). It's multiplayer only, with the possiblity of multiple games at once. Some Chess follows all the rules of chess, with point and click movement. Best of all it ...
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    Hangman classes can be used to pick words and check guessed letters to implement the hangman game.Hangman classes picks a random word from an array, checks whether a guessed letter is part of the word, and display the word with the correctly guessed letters.An usage example script is provided to demonstrate how to implement a Web based version of the ...
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    The Merchant is a web based space RPG and strategy game where you can move around a vibrant universe either trading, hunting, or simply exploring the vastness of everything. The Merchant is powered by PHP and MySQL. The Merchant 2.2 contains many new features and bug fixes that contribute to gameplay. The overall atmosphere in the game is a lot ...
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    San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multi Theft Auto game servers to retrieve publicly available information.The class returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    ff4aSave can be used to alter of Final Fantasy IV Advance save game files. This is meant for the United States version of the game but it may work for the Japanese version.ff4aSave supports:- Saving banks 1-3 (0-2 in the class)- All 13 characters- Name, HP, MP, XP, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Spirit on individual characters- Inventory (on hand ...
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