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    ezStats for PlayStation Network is a PHP-based leaderboard script for PlayStation Network (PSN) profiles. ezStats is the top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates and/or friends. Install, add clan members and/or friends and keep track of everybody's PlayStation gaming performances. Other ezStats versions:ezStats for Battlefield 3ezStats for Battlefield Bad Company ...
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    ezStats for Medal of Honor is a PHP-based leaderboard script for Medal of Honor gamers. It is the top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates. Install, add clan members and close friends and keep track of everybody's performances. ezStats is also available for the following games:Battlefield 3Battlefield Bad Company 2 ...
  3. SourceQuery
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    SourceQuery is a PHP script for querying Valve's Source game engine. It can be used in PHP websites or apps to get details from a server running on the Source engine. Just supply it with an IP and port. Can fetch details like:Number of slotsOnline playersNumber of botsCurrent mapMod nameServer nameSteam Application IDServer's OSIf the server is password protectedServer protocol ...
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    Players compete to build a strong nation in a real world map, using diplomacy, economy, military power.The unique with earthlead is that any webmaster can run his own site, but players have competitors instantly since all game sites are interconnected. PHP developers and designers can change the original files and give to their players a new game experience and functionality. ...
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    VSP Stats is a game statistics tracker written in PHP and MySQL. It basically parses multiplayer game log files, records details to a database and presents it nicely to users and gamers. If errors are popping in the resulted pages, update ADOdb to the most recent version. Features of VSP Stats:Supported games:- Call Of Duty 1 & Call ofDuty: United ...
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    PsychoStats is a PHP script for tracking individual game statistics via log files. Just point the script to a server's log file and it will record, count and summarize a player, clan and server's most important stats. Features of PsychoStats:- Clan rankings- Awards- Individual player details- Rounds tracking- Weapon details- Server management- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Add-ons- Themes- Helper scripts- ...
  7. PHP dbc parser
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    PHP dbc parser is a PHP tool for migrating a DBC data file into a MySQL database. It can be used to create a PHP web-based gaming archive from game logs.
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    Gamifycan manage user experience points and achievements to implement site game logic. It can create database tables that can record the values of experience points earned by site users the accomplish certain achievements.This script can manage the records of site users participating in the site gaming activities, the user achievements, the levels and experience that they earn, obtain user statistics ...
  9. Card deck
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    This is a PHP entertainment script that can simulate and manipulate card decks.It adds cards to a complete deck by adding card type rules that define identifiers to the type of cards and the number of card that will exist for each type.Besides defining card sets, it can also shuffle the cards and deal them to a given number of ...
  10. NewHaze API
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    This PHP script can be used to incorporate games in sites with the NewHaze API. It send HTTP requests to the NewHaze Web service API server to perform several operations. It executes operations with statistics, comments, categories, favorites, feed, friends, avatars, ads, newsletters, games, sites and users. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This class can be used to calculate a World of Warcraft character Gear Score. It sends a request to World of Warcraft Armory site to retrieve the items and class of a given character and then the class calculates the character Gear Score.
  12. Sudoku Solver
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    Sudoku is a puzzle game that has become very popular recently and has been published in many newspapers.Sudoku is a number puzzle game where you are presented with a grid of size 9 by 9, that is subdivided in 9 blocks of 3 by 3. Some fields in the grid contain a digit from 1 to 9. The objective is ...
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    This package can be used to create Web based role play games (RPG).It is not yet finished but it already implements some important features:- Map engine: it can display maps with a bi-dimensional perspective that can be browsed interactively using AJAX. The map definition modules are simple easy to create text files.- Events engine: used to generate events on a ...
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    Bingoware is a free and simple open-source PHP bingo software (script) which facilitates the creation, viewing and printing of randomly generated Bingo cards and provides a game play mode, which draws random bingo number and lists all winning cards. It is freeware and as such the source code is offered should you want to modify the software.Bingoware is not intended ...
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    Phpgamescenter allows webmasters to open a flash arcade site in few minutes, using wizard and installer. It's a open-source fork of the actual commercial script RGameScript.It's a script that allows webmasters to open a flash arcade site in few minutes, using wizard and installer. It supports Search Engine Friendly Urls, comments system, tell-A-Friend, TOP 10, membership, multi-languages and much more. ...
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