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    Pictoru's Thumb can be used to generate thumbnails from images in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. It can read an image in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats and create a new true color image with the reduced size for the thumbnail.Pictoru's Thumb can also rotate the image by a given angle. The thumbnail can be generated as the ...
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    Picture of the Day PHP Script shows daily changing image. Each web page can contain several pictures. Each picture is taken in random order from its own set of directories.Features of Picture of the Day PHP Script:- Unlimited number of images. - Unlimited number of directories. - Unlimited number of images per page. This Script does not require a database. ...
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    dGifAnimator can be used to generate a GIF animation from individual GIF frame image files.dGifAnimator reads a set of given GIF image frame files and generates a single animated GIF saving it to a file or generate it as the current script output.The delay between each animated frame, the transparent color and the loop options can be configured.&nsparent; t;
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    Ciul Images is a simple class that can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images. It can generate an image displaying a random text from a given list of texts.The text may be rendered with a given True Type font and a given background image.Ciul Images returns an image resource handle of the PHP GD extension that can be used ...
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    Image Flag Effect can be used to process a source image and generate a sequence of animation image frames that implement the waving flag effect.Image Flag Effect can process small images with size of up to 200x200 pixel. The generated animation frames can be used to build a single animated GIF file.
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    PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with your images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features of PHPSlideShow: - Automatic thumbnail creation. - Zero Configuration Setup for beginners. - CSS/XHTML templates for advanced users. - Thumbnail support.- EXIF comment support. - ...
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    A simple free PHP script for automatically creating a picture gallery from a folder. Just upload Photo Gallery Script (only one file) to a directory with pictures. That's it. No programming skills required. No database is needed. code revised.
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    cThumbnail can be used to generate thumbnail images files in the GIF, PNG or JPEG format. It creates a true color image with a given width and height.When the original image is smaller than the desired thumbnail image size, the original image is not resized and it displayed in the center of the generated thumbnail image.The thumbnail image is generated ...
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    Just upload the script to a server, add a bunch of folders with your photos in them. That's it!! The folders become categories, and you can start browsing. No database set up or anything like that. Highly customizable modular architecture w/ CSS based templates and PHP "tags" (functions) as well as a few cool options like: randomizer, slide show, extended ...
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    Template based Image gallery generation class.Example shows how gnGallery:- Creates the thumbnails into a folder, - generates HTML file listing all the thumbnails and links to the original images.Each class can be used seperately!
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    Easy Thumbnail can generate reduced versions of images (thumbnails) using the PHP GD extension functions. It computes the reduced size of the images making an approximate calculation that preserves the image width and eight proportions to avoid distortion.Easy Thumbnail may be ysed to create thumbnails of different sizes. The result is a collection of thumbnails of proportional sizes. It is ...
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    This program uses PHP and mySQL to create a dynamic online Flash Photo Gallery. The flash display area re-sizes smoothly giving a nice transition to the next image. A "simple-to-use" menu system allows you to drill down into different levels within your gallery. Setup is simple.
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    phpSimpleGallery is a PHP based gallery script that will generate a navigatable picture gallery from a directory of images with just a few files. It will run 'out of the box' for most users and has advanced features such as sub albums, bmp support, bordered image resizing, image comments and it is template driven (easy to customise). Images are uploaded ...
  14. 35mm Slide Gallery
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    An easy-to-use image gallery that looks like a slide album. All thumbnails will be framed with a slide mount. New version 6.0 with captioning, on-the-fly crop-to-fit thumbnails generation, mouseover effect and album description.Features:- auto indexing of directories; - auto page generation; - auto framing of thumbnails with orientation detection; - thumbnails generation; 1/2, 1/4 size display; - auto closing of ...
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    ImageGallery is a simple and easy to use script providing an image gallery. The images are displayed as thumbnails or as slideshow. The script can also handle several galleries. The highlight of this gallery is the usage of the GD-library to render dropshadows for thumbnails and slideshow images.
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