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    Photo Show and Hide can easily be accomplished with CSS and PHP, but this class can not only embed the thumbnail but to make it expandable, to reflow the text and to do this without having to reload the page. It can accomodate more than one image in the same page by the means of dynamically generating div tags with ...
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    phpPhotoGallery can list one or more server side directories where the picture files may be found. It can display thumbnails in a table with a configurable number of columns per row.The thumbnails are the same images presented in a smaller size defined by a given scale factor. The thumbnails images are not stored on the server side.Clicking on the thumbnail ...
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    Simple photo album class can use used to generate a gallery of images from files stored in a server side directory.Simple photo album class can scan a given server side directory and display thumbnail from image files of many formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and WBMP. The full size images are opened in pop-up windows.Simple photo album class may also ...
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    Simple Gallery retrieves the list of GIF, JPEG and PNG images files in a given directory and displays thumbnails of the images in a table with links to pages where each image is displayed individually.The table has a configurable number of columns and rows. When there are more images to display than those that fit in table, navigation links are ...
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    File names and description of pictures get retrieved from a MySQL database table. Image Gallery generates an HTML table to show thumbnails of the gallery pictures, as well links to navigate between multiple gallery pages.The directory of the picture files, the number of gallery rows and pictures per row to show in each page are configurable details.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
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    Minigal is a script that can be use to present Web based image galleries.Mini Gallery can generate gallery pages using images stored on a server directory using a configuration information from a file or URL. It may also show image thumbnails on-the-fly, thus without requiring file writing permissions or disabling safe mode.The width and height of the thumbnails and full ...
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    Simple Image Gallery provides means to create, manage and present a gallery of images. It uses only the image files on a given directory and sessions to store information about the image galleries being presented to each user. Therefore it does not require a SQL database.Features of Simple Image Gallery:- List the images in a given gallery directory- Authenticate the ...
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    Gallery generator can be used to generate a gallery of pictures from image files contained in a given server folder.Gallery generator scans a given folder to list the files with GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP extensions. Then it outputs HTML pages showing thumbnails of the images that were found. The full size images are opened in pop-up windows.The width of ...
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    This is a very easy PHP script about PHP photo gallery, and it is not require a database. it also can be configurable and customizable via CSS,while it has very good extension. Features of GoodGallery:- Easy, no installation or configuration needed -Blindingly fast.- No Database - Customizable and configurable via settings and CSS - Flexible; you can change galleries around ...
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    Idut Gallery is a powerful yet user friendly website photo gallery system. It can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website. Written in PHP, you can upload images to your gallery using FTP or the built-in upload system. As well as looking great, you can add descriptions to your albums and images and users can comment on your ...
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    2BGal is a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to publish photos, albums and sub-albums. Most of updates can be applied with the web single administrator interface.This script is easy to use, lightweight and packed with only useful features. Others functionnalities can be added with modules integration.The gallery design is defined with PHPLib templates (default : HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0).Features ...
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    Flash Photo Gallery features a mouse sensitive scrolling effect for thumbnails.
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    Simple to use gallery which is quick to install... all you do is drop the index.php in your gallery folder where your images are. Supports multiple levels, includes css styles and graphics as well as Lytebox Javascript all in this one php file.
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    TinyGallery is a one file PHP image gallery, which doesn't need any database or creates files on your server. It only displays the images in a folder (including subfolders if you want this). So it's great if you want to share some images with your friends and don't want to install a big gallery script. Using some nice javscript effects ...
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    This free gallery system allows a photographer to sell images easily through paypal. To use, simply edit the config file, create a folder on your server, and upload the files with your images. Forum based support. Most users are up and running within minutes! Features of FreeGallery Image Sales Script w/ Flash Interface: - Paypal cart- Flash Based Interface - ...
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