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  1. UberGallery
    429 total visits
    UberGallery is a PHP web image gallery. It is very easy to install, just add images to a folder, change settings in the config and that's it. Features of UberGallery:- Simple first time installation- Database-less configuration- Include galleries within pre-existing sites- Create multiple galleries with a single installation- Easily customize your gallery styles via CSS- Install and update the gallery ...
  2. PHP Thumbnail Image Gallery Script
    405 total visits
    This is a PHP image gallery script that allows you to simply upload new full sized images in FTP and the script will automatically create the thumbnails for those images and add those images to a paged thumbnail gallery suitable for browsing.What's new in this version:- Stripped out broken Imagemagick support.- Cleaned up the code.- Better commented everything.- Redid the ...
  3. SelectaPix Image Gallery
    237 total visits
    SelectaPix is a PHP script that takes care of resizing your pictures and automatically generating thumbnails, and its standards-compliant XHTML design means your gallery can be customized using the supplied style sheet. To check out the other features listed below, try the live demo, or download the scripts in .zip or .rar format. Features of SelectaPix: - Template based system ...
  4. No Screenshot
    333 total visits
    This is a basic PHP photo album script to quickly and easily display photos on a web site. This is a bare bones script that does not contain anything excessive or fancy. An ideal solution for anyone that just wants to display photos.Features of Basic PHP Photo Album:- Fully customizable- Fast setup and configuration- Display an unlimited number of photos- ...
  5. No Screenshot
    220 total visits
    This is a free php image gallery script that can be used to put an image gallery on your website. It automatically creates a galley from a folder of images. Just upload the large and the thumbnail versions of your image files to your web server by FTP. No database is needed.The image files can be ordered by file name ...
  6. PHP Picture Index
    528 total visits
    PHP Picture Index is a free, quick to install PHP image gallery script. PHPPI doesn't require any databases, all information is retrieved from the files/folders themselves. PHPPI was designed this way to eliminate logging into admin pages, uploading images, categorising, etc.Features of PHP Picture Index:- GD support for dynamically creating thumbnails.- Easy customization ( no PHP skills required, although it ...
  7. No Screenshot
    237 total visits
    JO Image Gallery is a PHP image gallery script that will generate a photo gallery web page with optional captions. For each picture it finds in the specified directory, the script will looking for a caption file, indentified by the same basename as the picture with the text extension.The viewer can click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.
  8. No Screenshot
    299 total visits
    This is a free PHP image gallery script that allows you to complete customize the way your pictures gallery is look & feel.
  9. No Screenshot
    308 total visits
    bolGallery is a powerful & simple PHP gallery script. Automatically lists your images directory, on-the-fly creats thumbnails and displays them into a simple table. On clicking an image it open a smart one-click-close popup. You can choose between two thumbnail style modes : creative which focuses on a detail of the big image (by default) and classic which creates a ...
  10. Encaps Gallery
    727 total visits
    Encaps Gallery is multipurpose skinnable php image gallery software with free Flash Gallery template. Easy to install and run, it does not require php/mysql/flash skills.Features of Encaps Gallery:- easy to apply new templates (HTML,Flash)- MySQL database installer- create unlimited categories- upload unlimited media files (jpg,gif,png,mov,swf)- automatic thumbnails creation (optional)- easy to install and use- admin (back-end) panel- PayPal shopping cart ...
  11. Gallery Command
    184 total visits
    This is a PHP command line script to generate image galleries. It is a free PHP image gallery script. The script will render an HTML page with images found in a given directory of images. A demo is included with the download package.Features of Command Line Image Gallery Generator:- Add a title to the gallery- Add the maximum number of ...
  12. One-page Gallery
    286 total visits
    One-page Gallery is powered by ajax and PHP and show your images with a JPG(JPEG), GIF or PNG extensions.Features of One-page Gallery:- CSS compatible with all browsers- Grab all images with jpg (jpeg), gif or png extensions- Do all stuff and create thumbs in fly- Do not use iframe- Simple change multiple stored images by titles- Sorting titles by subfolder ...
  13. Animus Before & After
    273 total visits
    Animus Before & After is PHP image gallery script that lets you easily add before and after pictures of your work to your web site. It will create its own gallery, so your visitors can see the quality of your work.Features of Animus Before & After:- All configuration is done through an easy to use administration page, making this ideal ...
  14. minishowcase
    574 total visits
    minishowcase is a small and simple PHP/Javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX that allows you to easily show your images online, without complex dababases or coding, allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes.Features of minishowcase:- Simple galleries: Bulk just upload a folder full of images to your /galleries/ folder and voilá you have a new gallery!- ...
  15. Image Handling
    233 total visits
    This is a PHP image handling script that can be used to resize, crop and add watermarks to images. It can read GIF, JPEG or PNG images and resize them, crop or add a watermark in the initial image.In crop function is used Java Script (jQuery + jCrop) to select the crop area. The resulting image can be saved to ...
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