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  1. Java and C# compatible scalar type hinting
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    This PHP script is used to check the types of called function arguments. It will set up an error handler function that can determine if a function is being called with the wrong types of arguments. The error handler can check if the type hinting classes for the function being called is string, float, double, boolean, integer and check if ...
  2. Func
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    This PHP script is maily used to register and call functions. One of the class is used for registering, while the other is for calling global functions and other class functions respectively. The classes can take arguments to pass to the called registered functions. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Mklib.php is a set of libraries created to make building web applications with PHP easier. Common functions are collected and put in these libraries, such as processing data before inserting into a database or formatting date/time strings for display.Assuming you have PHP installed and running properly. To use the library all you need to do is "include" or "require" it ...
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    FuncUtility can iterate over a set of elements contained in a collection managed by an object that implements the iterable interface.FuncUtility executes several types of operations to manipulate the collection elements by invoking given callback functions that determine what to do with the elements.A subset of elements can be filtered, a function to manipulate each of the elements can be ...
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    Overload is a base class that allows sub-classes to have functions that may be called in several ways using with a different number of arguments or arguments with different types. Calls to the overloaded functions are intercepted and are dispatched according to their types and number of arguments. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Variables can also be set to read-only, so that they cannot be changed or removed.Each variable may have associated custom setter and getter functions in order to implement special purpose behavior when the variable is changed or retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Hololib is a collection of functions which I've developed for my own use over the years. Hololib includes such things as credit card validation, email address validation, smart line wrap, HTML parser, name parser (breaks a person's name down into its parts) and more. Hololib is free software, in the sense of "free beer" *and* "free speech"!
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    Information about the call stack including all the classes, functions, parameters that were used to reach the current point of the code that PHP is executing, can be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Dialog for PHP is a collection of wrapper classes written in PHP around the dialog command. There is currently some support for whiptail and xdialog as well.
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