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    PHP Base can be used to submit data files to the Google Base service. It can validate the data before it is uploaded to the Google Base via FTP.PHP Base can be extended with plugin for defining attributes and supporting multiple schemes. Currently only the Housing scheme is supported.
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    Mrasnika's URL validator is meant to validates HTTP and FTP URLs. Mrasnika's URL validator can also parse the URLs and extract their component parts:- Protocol- User and password- Domains and sub-domain- TLD (top level domain)- Port- Path- QueryComposite parts:- Domain_name (domain tld)- Host (sub_domain(s) domain tld)- Sub-domains array- Path array
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    MkDir is a simple class for creating directories in the local file system or in a remote server file system using a FTP connection.
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    With a little configuration and easy to install PHP Site Check Script will give your website visitors the ability to check the availability of http, ftp, smtp and pop3 ports right from your website. Download the script at our website.
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