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    Lumine is an object-relational mapping tool combining the styles of two frameworks: Hibernate and PEAR::DB_DataObjects.Lumine can manage information in objects to be stored and retrieved in relational databases. It uses XML files to define how tables are mapped to database tables to know how to store and retrieve the mapped objects.Features of Lumine:- It uses DOMIT! XML Parser to process ...
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    Application Framework Classes is a bundle of classes which should help you to write object orientated application under php4. Functionality for mysql,post,get,session variables. The package is provided as it is, there will be no support!
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    ZBase is an object framework (set of classes) written in PHP4 allowing to develop the www frontend of a database very quickly and simply. In ZBase, each entry in the database can be considered as an object, and ZBase provides standard methods to modify or display its content. ZBase is aimed at experienced web site developers, not at the low-end ...
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