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    SVG math functions graphics is a script which can render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart. It takes a string with math formula and creates a chart on which it is drawn a set of lines between consecutive points for the x axis. Meanwhile, the script returns the chart data in SVG format. The size of the chart ...
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    The syntax used to write the formulas can be defined. Basic logic operations (and, or, not, implies, etc...) can be applied. Proposition (cleaning, developing, disjunctive form, conjunctive form) can be transformed.You can even make demonstrations of your proposition, by looking up the values table or simply by demonstrating it (simple analysis of the disjunctive form: not too greedy). The FOLP ...
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    Render formula can be use to render mathematical formulas as graphical images. It parses a formula with constant and variable values combined with several possible mathematical operations.Currently Render formula supports formulates using the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and functions like square root, sin arc sin, cosine, and power.Then Render formula renders the given formula in an GD library image. ...
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