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    Currency from google takes a money amount and currency and the currency to convert it.Currency from google accesses the Google search site and performs a search query that makes it convert the money amount between the given currencies.An array with the currencies and money amounts is used to return the result.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    frogDate can be used to convert dates between MySQL and PHP.
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    Date tools can be used to manage date values.Date tools can perform several types of operations with dates:- Check whether a date is correctly formatted- Convert a date between formats- Calculate the date that will be in a given number of days or months- Check whether a given year is a leap year- Retrieve the number of day in a ...
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    cphplib (Cute PHP library) is a small collection of classes for PHP. Purpose of the classes is to simplify functions for daily work with PHP. e.g. convertions, formating, DB session and so on.
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    Date Buddy is a simple class that can convert date and time values between PHP, ISO, MySQL and United States backwards date and time formats.
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