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    A JSON representation of any variable value of any PHP type can be generated.JSON can also do the opposite, i.e. take a string with a value represented in a JSON format and recreate a PHP variable value of the type defined in the serialized JSON string.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    phpDateTime consists of several classes for manipulating dates, times and time intervals.There is a class for manipulating a date, another for manipulating times (not only time of day, this can also be 156:45:10 or 3 Weeks), another to manipulate a date with time of day and another to manipulate timespans.phpDateTime supports multiple data and time representation formats (ISO, DIN, AMI, ...
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    This is a new class to handle shifting dates. It is designed for use when browsing data from a database using YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time schemas. class.dateTimeManager.php is useful for stepping though sets of results by X amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.
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    Man Page Lookup allows you to view man pages directly from the website. The output is formatted nicely with bold, italics, and coloured text.
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    Class to handle string that needs to be converted to some format.
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    crosstab is a PHP class which helps you display mysql data in cross-tabular format.All you have to do is :- Alter the connection string provided in crosstab.inc.- Insert the piece of code (provided in try.php) into your program. Change the four parameters according toyour requirements.
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    Shape File Reader is meant to read vectorial information from shape files in the SHP format.The SHP file format is an open standard for storing vectorial information that is used to distribute geographical information. Plenty of commercial and open source applications are able to read from it.
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    Date manipulator is meant to perform operations on dates. It can add or subtract days, months or years to a given date. Functions of Date manipulator:- Change from date numbers to text.- Get the current date.- Get the day, month and year values of a date separately.- Get the name of the day of the week or name of the ...
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    trDate is a very simple class that translates dates between different formats. It takes as parameters the expected input format of the date and the desired date output format.If the input and output formats and the date are valid, the class returned the converted date.
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    Currency Display & Convert are classes that allow youto perform Currency conversion and display according to national formats.Display and Conversion are decoupled to ease customisation and reusability.
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    Apache log parser can be used to parse Apache log files in the common log format. It opens a given log file and parses each line at once. The values of the fields of each log line are returned in an associative array. Features of Apache log parser:- Fetch by IP- Fetch by Request- Fetch Requests by IP- Fetch Request ...
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