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    PHP DataForm - PHP Data Form Web Control is a simple tool for creating HTML Forms with ease. The script was especially designed for web developers, who do not want to spend excessive time on creating Forms in HTML or through PHP, but want to use a first-class OOP backend. Expandable structure, wise usage of common PHP-Patterns and continuous support ...
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    Advanced Search generates HTML to display form inputs in order to choose fields or conditions for the SQL WHERE clause. Advanced Search can assemble the SQL to perform a search with the given fields and conditions in a given MySQL database table. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The code and comments are in Portuguese.
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    Several operations are possible and HTML forms are generated for user authentication and account management. Currently PHP Login Script can register a new account, activate registered accounts, authenticate an user and start a session, end a logged user session, change the user password or e-mail address. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Forms generation and validation Class allows you to generate HTML forms. Forms generation and validation Supports:- Multiple inputs may be interconnected in such way that client side events that occur on one input can trigger actions on the context of other inputs. Developers may use input interconnection support without writing Javascript code.- Can be extended with new types of input ...
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    Takes any form submitted to it, sends an email to you containing all values of all fields in the form, and seemlessly transfers the visitor to the page of your choice. Optionally sends a copy to the submitter, or sends an auto-response to the submitter containing the text of whatever text file you specify. WSN FormEmail can use the security ...
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    Protected Form Scripts Set is intended to protect online contact forms from spam bots. It requires from a person who writes you to specify the security code generated during the session, and automatically rejects all direct accesses to a form. php easy :: protected form scripts set contains 2 ready-to-use email form scripts:- Plain text version;- Attachment version. Both versions ...
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    Script may be added to any PHP page which requires user authentication. To submit Forms, or to enter private areas or to gain access to a websites controlled environment visitors will confirm their presence by typing a matching set of randomly selected characters. Script is easily added to one of your pre-existing pages using a single line of code. The ...
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    Mollom for PHP provides ways to protect website content and website forms from spam on the web. Usage of Mollom for PHP:- Download package.- Unzip package.- Install package following the instructions in the readme file.- Create account on Mollom.- Activate website key on Mollom. Key Features of Mollom for PHP:- Get rid of spam - Mollom helps keep a website ...
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    A form for changing the background color is also created.
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    XTem xEmail allows you to submit data(vars) from HTML forms or scripts by email.XTem xEmail provides you some helpful tools like checking form checkboxes, etc..
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    StrudleForm has full CSS support and the output is XHTML-compliant.
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    SS Form prevents the usage of HTML in the form definition code. It produces HTML conformant with XHTML and uses CSS to configure the form presentation details.Limitations: SS Form does not validate the submitted form values.
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    ShipForm uses JavaScript and the testing was done on both IE and Netscape.ShipForm is recommended to be used with the Abstract.php class, as the data model and functions used are similar to those in that class.
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    All general elements of a form can be generated in jForm. Form elements are generated using mostly just associative arrays.
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    easyForm outputs HTML for several types of form inputs from a list of parameters. HTML for select, radio, checkbox, submit or a defined type of input, can be outputted.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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