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    WritedocMail is a basic PHP-based Form Processor with required field checking. Provides all the files needed to get going quickly with very simple configuration; all you have to specify is the email address where feedback is to be sent and then move the files to your server and use. If you plan to use your own forms, additional instructions are ...
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    OpenCaptcha is a php script designed to dynamically create a captcha image in .png form. It uses a randomly chosen background to start with, then chooses a random string of a randomly chosen length, color, size, font, and orientation. Then it adds randomly coloured and placed lines to create an image that computers can't easily interpret.With OpenCaptcha, you can easily ...
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    This is an easy form processing script that can be used for all your web forms as long as PHP 4.2.0 in running on the server where easiForm is located.The config file allows for many options on customisation but can be set up simply by adding the e-mail address and thanks page address to the config file then naming your ...
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    A powerful open source PHP form processor that allows for rapid development and usage, as well as protecting your website forms from various hacking attacks.The form validation and processing is all done using an easy to use xml based markup language.
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    Lexperts Contact Form is the most easy to use contact form.Features:- All fields have a validation script.- Captcha validation check (Anti spam).- Phone number validation.- Add, edit and delete subjects.- You can edit your error messages.- The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet.- Very easy to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website.- You ...
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    Groone's Simple Contact Form is as it says...simple. It was written to easily integrate into websites, and to have some moderately simple keyword based spam control that is effective and breeze to control.
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    Form creater can generate HTML for form start and end sections, as well for form inputs of the types: button, textarea, textfield, select and radio.Specific parameters can be used to configure the details of each form section or input.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    iAJAX is a very simple script that generates HTML attributes to handle events on page elements using AJAX requests.It generates Javascript code that calls a simple Javascript library that performs an AJAX request and uses the request response to update the contents of a given page element.The AJAX request URL, request method, and the page element to be update are ...
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    HTML Form function library for PHP is a PHP library that allows you to create HTML FORM elements including select,input, etc. 1.2.0 is updated with new function for html tables with accociated checkboxes or radio boxes.
  10. Secure PHP Mail Form
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    Secure PHP Mail Form is a Free PHP Mail Form is a single-page multi-use PHP mail (e-mail) website form that allows your users to send you feedback directly from your website, without the need to customise heavily detailed scripts and panic over security.Secure PHP Mail Form that comes as standard:- Meta header and JavaScript injection protection- Tags stripped and whitespace ...
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    Validator is meant to validate data entered in forms.It provides 11 types of validation. To specify a field to validate it requires the field name and, in some cases, other arguments.The class will return false if the validation failed.Validator has support to check if a field is or has:- Filled in- Of specified length (<, >, >=, <=, =)- A ...
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    Date/Time Select Generator generates HTML for form select inputs that let the user choose ranges of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc..Several select inputs can be generated according to a format defining which date and time format format inputs should be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.1.0 or higher
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    The FiForms PHP Classes is an application development framework for building Web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience. The FiForms Framework lets you rapidly prototype and develop a Web/database front end using the latest PHP and XML technologies. It currently includes data-entry classes and ...
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    Esiform class is meant to create, validate and process Web forms. When a valid form is submitted, Esiform can execute several types of built-in follow-up actions. Currently Esiform supports executing these types of follow-up actions:- Send an e-mail message to a given address based on a template that can be processed using the submitted form values- Resubmit the form data ...
  15. Dominion
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    Dominion 5 is a set of 4 elemental libraries to build complex sites. domvar.lib is the basic database abstraction layer, to access to any database with the same objects and methods.- DB_Base is the main database connector object.- DB_Cursor is the main database cursor access object. domdb.lib is the basic database SML and DML abstraction layer, to access to any ...
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