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  1. KForm
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    KForm is an object-oriented PHP script for creating web forms. Server side data processing code is also includedFeatures of KForms:Supported Methods:- addText- addPassword- addFile- addButton- addSubmit- addHidden- addCheckbox- addRadioGroup- addTextArea- addSelect- addOption ( to a created select )- addFieldsetLimitation:- The script is still under development and may change.
  2. No Screenshot
    205 total visits
    This script will allow your visitors to contact you via email through your website. It is fully cstomizable, includes an email validator, and you can set required fileds. This will help increase your customer base and so your advertising will become more efficient.
  3. Simple Form - Emails Out
    284 total visits
    This is a basic script that emails out to the site owner. It gets the name, email and message. More updates to come soon: SQL option (can turn on or off), better security.
  4. PANDA Mailer
    245 total visits
    PANDA Mailer - PHP Contact Form is an html form and a PHP script used to send email, This is a simple solution to allow users of your website to contact you without publishing your email address, and risking collection of your email address in SPAM mailing list. There is no way a client can retrieve your email address unless ...
  5. FormToEmail
    297 total visits
    FormToEmail is a simple secure PHP form to email(form mail) script that allows you to make a contact or feedback form on your websites or to process any form. It uses PHP to email the contents of the form to you.FormToEmail is very secure your email address does not show on the form anywhere.Requirements:- PHP 4.1.0 or Higher
  6. Free Feedback Form
    521 total visits
    Feedback Form is a PHP review script that will fetch you more details of your external clients and you network of business will improve a lot. All product related enquiries can be posted and solved online and it will be an ideal mode of providing a better service to your clients.Free Feedback Form can be installed easily in your website. ...
  7. Free Contact Form
    318 total visits
    Free Contact Form will fectch you more details of your ecternal clients and you network of business will improve a lot. All product related enquiries can be solved online and it will be an ideal mode of providing a better service to your clients. Keeping all in our mind, we have generated a script with which the contact form can ...
  8. Compare Validator
    415 total visits
    This PHP validation script can be used to compare two form inputs. It generates HTML and JavaScript code to compare the values of two form input fields.The generated code make an error message show within a given page element if the the input values are different.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  9. Leopard Form
    233 total visits
    This PHP script is created to compose, generate and validate HTML Forms. It can handle adding inputs and labels to a contact form frame rendering it automatically. Different types of basic validations can be associated to each input, when a form is submitted, This script will verify all validation rules and retrieve the submitted form values.Requirements:-PHP 5.2 or Higher
  10. Simple Form Generator
    487 total visits
    This script can be used to generate and validate contact forms and compose the form output by adding form input elements, like text, select, checkbox, radio, submit and even a CAPTCHA field. The CAPTCHA system is reCAPTCHA. It is a free PHP validation script.The script can also associate validation rules and generate JavaScript code to perform browser side validation as ...
  11. Auto form
    700 total visits
    Auto form is a PHP script that can be used to generate HTML forms to manipulate MySQL table records.It can take a list of MySQL table fields and generate HTML for forms to select, insert, update, delete table records.The script can also perform given validations of specified fields and invoke given callback functions on certain form processing events.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  12. Contact us pro
    353 total visits
    Contact us pro is an easy way to setup and submit form freely. Contact us pro includes many sophisticated programming techniques to enhance the functionality of the submit form and to use the maximum security measures to protect you from spammers.Features of Contact us pro:- is an AJAX / PHP submit form with spam protection, submit form validation and custom ...
  13. File Editor
    310 total visits
    This is a PHP script to list and edit text files from a directory. It can retrieve the list of files in a directory and generate HTML listing with buttons for showing or editing the file.File Editor script can also generate a form for editing text file contents in raw format.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher
  14. No Screenshot
    480 total visits
    This is a very simple PHP web contact form. It can be included in any page, allowing users to send out feedback to a website's owner.It comes packaged withall the functions needed to actually take the submitted data and send it to a website's email contact address.
  15. Country list
    404 total visits
    Country list is a PHP geography script which can be used to retrieve country lists for select form inputs. It can return the country name of a given country code, as well get the country code associated to a given country name.The script can also generate HTML for select form input to let users choose a country from the list ...
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