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    DBtable2form reads a MySQL table and outputs a form using the best input type for each field. Very easy to get started. Includes basic form customization methods.DBtable2form is meant to give you a jumpstart on creating a custom form and save alot of HTML coding.
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    FF Form is meant to generate Web forms filling field values with data taken from a MySQL database. The class fill the values of select fields, radio and checkbox field groups.
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    Form Class provides a easy and useful methods for creating Html form tags.
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    Forms class is an improved version of Formitable class by Gamaiel Zavala. It is meant to generate forms to submit records of a MySQL database table.Functions of Forms class:- Validation of fields.- Sort the fields.- Disable certain fields.- Hide certain fields.- Create froms directly from the table.- Force types of some fields to be a radio or check box.- Automatic ...
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    AutoformBQ means "automatic form By Query". It is a package to dynamically generate forms to edit or insert records into a MySQL database table.After you have successfully executed MySql query, autoformBQ processes the result set metadata and determines the columns and tables to create the form to edit an existing record or to insert the data for a new record.There ...
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    AuriumForm can output HTML forms with fields of all the standard types. You just need to set the configuration of the attributes of each field in an array.AuriumForm can be easily enhanced to support add new input types. It also supports aliases to minimize the code that needs to be written to use the class.The presentation of each field can ...
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    Form Maker can be used to generate Web forms for editing database table records. It can define form fields using SQL queries to retrieve value and parameters to configure the fields definitions.Form Maker can be used to build forms with the need of passing HTML explicitly or using templates. Currently it uses ADODB to access a database but the interface ...
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    metaForm can generate and validate forms composed with fields defined in XML files. The generated forms can use a Javascript remoting scripting library to invoke remote PHP scripts without submiting the forms.metaForm consists of:- PHP class xmlForm, based on the original written by Herman Veluwenkamp to generate HTML forms from XML configuration file- PHP class dbUndo (in the class.undo.php file) ...
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    php_form_generator allows you to create fast a simple interface to manage the every day database querys so you don`t need to waste time in doing theese bore forms that insert, read, and list or delete recors from a database.php_form_generator works with both MySQL and ODBC and generates a specific class and a simgle html form driven menu to interface your ...
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    Vision.To Form Elements can be used to programatically generate form elements.It provides means to generate the main form tag with an optional legend, and all other standard types of inputs like text, password, file, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, hidden.The generated HTML output is compliant with XHTML.
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    baaSelect is meant to generate select form inputs that are linked dynamically with options populated from values taken from a database.baaSelect generates the HTML code to output the the linked select inputs and also the necessary Javascript code to make the options of a second select input be updated when the user changes the option of the first select input.
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    Library intended to lock form processing. For example, you can use it to process double Submit click.
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    3 boxes with date numbers to send with a form. It looks like there was not a standard way to put a date-selector in a form. Letting the user free with a textbox is more dangerous and takes more time with checking the input-values. \
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    Utility to generate, with four lines of code, a form with a drop down menu with 283 search engines.
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    AutoFill can generate form text input values that can automatically complete the values entered by the user with a given list pre-defined values. It generates the necessary Javascript code to add auto-complete support to a form text input with a given identifier.You can define the maximum number of options that will be displayed to let the user pick one that ...
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