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  1. Form Mail Lite
    698 total visits
    FormMail Lite is a free PHP form mail script. This allows you to put a contact form on your website. Download and create a variety of online forms using our easy form mail creator. FormMail Lite is 100% free. Features of FormMail Lite:- PHP4 or PHP5- FormMail Lite includes a simple database feature that works as a flat file database.- ...
  2. FormMail Lite
    159 total visits
    FormMail Lite is a simple PHP GUI for creating and deploying contact forms. It is very easy to use and install, the script allows non-technical users to create their own contact forms. Features of FormMail Lite:- Created forms are stored in a flat-file database.- The layout of the forms can be customized at will.- Auto-responder to automatically respond to form ...
  3. No Screenshot
    332 total visits
    PHPContactForm is a PHP-based contact form widget. It includes all the code necessary for getting the user's form input and send it to the owner of a site using a simple mail template. It can be used with stand-alone PHP websites, or integrated into more complex systems, like a CMS, blog, groupware, CRM, etc..
  4. No Screenshot
    649 total visits
    FormMail is completely free for all use and open source. It has automatic anti-spam processing that keeps form spam out of your inbox. Select even more anti-spam features for your specfic requirements. Features of FormMail:- EncryptionEncrypt form submissions before they are emailed to you (ideal for securely collecting credit card or other private data). Works with HTTPS (SSL/TLS) to provide ...
  5. No Screenshot
    111 total visits
    reform is a PHP script for quickly assembling web forms together. It is written in object oriented PHP, can be used for creating, nesting, modifying, deleting, and validating forms in the DOM. Meanwhile, it can be can be used to embed dynamically created web forms.
  6. GentleSource Form Mail
    488 total visits
    GentleSource Form Mail allows you to put a contact form on your website. The input of that form will be sent per e-mail to your e-mail address. The script can log all the messsages that are sent. The layout of your forms, and e-mail, can be customized as you wish. You can also choose if the user will be redirected ...
  7. Feedback
    408 total visits
    This is a PHP comment script that you can add the feedback form to your website so that users can send your various feedback as what they think about your website or if they want state a problem or query of just simply want to contact you. Features of Feedback Script:- Easy to implement script- Can be easily modified- Mails ...
  8. Submit Form Contact Us Pro
    521 total visits
    This is an easy to setup and free submit form which can be use the maximum security measures to protect you from spammers.Features of summit form contact us pro:- is an AJAX / PHP submit form with spam protection, submit form validation and custom form elements.- utilizes FormCheck for submit form validation- utf-8 encoding of the email to support international ...
  9. No Screenshot
    247 total visits
    PHP Form to Mail allow visitors to contact you from your website, and have their comments mailed directly to your inbox, without the risk of making your email address available to bots.Form to Mail (Light) provides a neat contact form for your visitors, and some clever back end PHP to help reduce the risk of mistakes or inaccurate email addresses ...
  10. ContactKing
    269 total visits
    This is a free and easy PHP Contact,its not only a free contact form, its fully validated and ready to go out of the box. Easy 5 minute setup, ideal for a php novice and no need for a database.
  11. PHP Contact Form Script
    827 total visits
    This PHP contactform script offers to your homepage vistiors an easy, fast and uncomplicated alternative to get in contact with you. The form will be send to the webmaster via the php e-mail function and offers a security code/captcha as a protection against spam.Features of PHP Contact Form Scrpt:- No MySql Database required- Very good protection of Spam Mails (Captcha ...
  12. Quick Contact
    618 total visits
    Quick Contact is a mail form that allows a visitor from you site to send you a mail, Also has built in captcha to protect you from bots / spammers. It is very basic and easy to use integrate to your exisiting site. Features of Quick Contact:- 1 Name Field- 1 Email Field- 1 Message Field- 1 Captcha to protect ...
  13. No Screenshot
    203 total visits
    This contact form is similar to our AFC Advanced Contact Form in that it will sent the owner the persons name, email, phone number, contact type and a question / suggestion or feedback. The form includes validation If the form is correctly filled out it will goto a Thank You page. The main difference is that the AFC MySQL Contact ...
  14. EasyMyContactForm
    306 total visits
    EasyMyContacForm is a simple contact form php script. The whole script just one file. Modify the email address, upload to your webserver, and use it! Requirements:- Apache 2.2.13 web server- PHP 5.2.17- enabled php mail function on the server
  15. Contact Form PHP Ajax Script
    499 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to add a contact form in your website, through which the visitors can send messages to the adminstrator e-mail address diretly from site.The contact from can be added in both "*.html" or "*.php" files, but the web server must run pHP. It has included the PHP Mailer script, so you can choose to send ...
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