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    Forms from PHP allows you to create forms from within PHP without having to worry about what HTML to use.
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    Class to create, validate, and render html forms. Keep you seperate html syntax and php script.
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    HTML Forms Objects HtmlFormsObjects is meant to generate an HTML dropdown list.HTML Forms Objects is only necessary to call the method GenerateDropDownList and passing its parameters like is shown in the example on bottom of the class file.
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    Create Forms and Tables. Multiples options.
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    Cities Israel can generate form select inputs with israeli cities. The generated form select inputs associate israeli city names in Hebrew with the respective identifier numbers, divided by zones.Cities Israel can generate two linked select inputs: one with the list of zones and another with the list of cities of each zone. The class generates HTML with Javascript code that ...
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    form-o-mat is meant to generate and validate HTML forms using a few functions to define inputs, load and validate the submitted values, and output the form.form-o-mat lets the developer define individual form inputs or inputs that usually are added in logical groups like groups of radio buttons or checkboxes.When the form inputs are added to the form composition the class ...
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    A Class to render automagically Form Fields Html code. I use it in combination with a table that contains the fields description like type, name, javascript events, text, default options, and so.
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    HTML Editor is meant to dynamically compose and output HTML documents. It provides functions to add many different types of the HTML elements to the document that is being composed.Used with PEAR::HTML_Table and PEAR::HTML_Forms or other PEAR::HTML_* classes provides a complete interface to create HTML documents of any complication or parts of HTML formatted text on the fly.With HTML Editor ...
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    Basic CSS Form Generator is a very simple class for composing and generating HTML forms. It generates valid XHTML Transitional HTML code and uses CSS to define the presentation details of the inputs.
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    Form submit is meant to submit form data via GET or POST method using HTTP protocol requests and then capture the response data into a variable.
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    DatePicker is a class to generate HTML form fields for choosing dates. It uses javascript to check and generate valid a day for the selected month, considering for leap year.DatePicker remembers its values after invalid form submission. This means that when the user submits a form, the class keeps track of the submitted values. The class also provide the possility ...
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    form_db creates a HTML-Form with data from a database record. The database can be updated with the changed data from the form.
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    Formcat is a class for performing form validation on the client side. The goal of Formcat is to generate Javascript code to validate forms before they are submited to the server.It works as a plug-in for the Smarty template engine. It is a good complement SmartyValidate plug-in that performs server side validation.It supports many built-in validation criteria: empty, range, length, ...
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    Forms Validator is meant to add security to your forms generating images to perform CAPTCHA validation (Completely Automated Public Turing to tell Computers from Humans Apart). It generates images with random words or uses the words that you may provide.The images are generated with random colors and fonts, avoiding replication on other sites. You can add other colors and fonts. ...
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    Form Validator is meant to provide server side validation of field values submitted via Web forms.Form Validator can validate fields on following criteria:- Required field- Content ( email, digit, alpha, alpha-numeric )- Own perl or posix regular expression- Length ( min, max, equal )- Only defined values ( for select, radio and checkbox )- Forbidden values- Field values dependecies . ...
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