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    This simple little script allows you to have forms on your site email you. It was designed to be used as a contact form script. In other words, you create a simple form on your site where users can contact you. The script is then executed and you are emailed if successful. This program has been designed to be used ...
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    SQL Generator can be used to automatically generate common SQL queries from parameter lists. It can generate SQL queries of the types: INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE and DELETE. The class takes the parameters that define the query data from associative arrays.SQL Generator may also return SQL date and time values from integer timestamps, equal conditions or an IN syntax from a ...
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    Validation on General Form Fields can be used to generate Web forms with Javascript based client side validation. It can generate the HTML tags for starting and ending forms with one or more fields. The supported types of fields are: text, password, checkbox, select and submit.Additionally Validation on General Form Fields can generate a Javascript function named validate that should ...
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    Text Box Validation can be used to generate Web forms with Javascript based client side validation. It can generate the HTML tags for starting and ending forms with one or more text or password fields.Additionally Text Box Validation can generate a Javascript function named validate that should be embedded in the form page so it can be called when the ...
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    Easy to install using a user friendly install script, no HTML knowledge needed, its all self configuring, just add your email address and page title then simply add a link from your site to the script to make it work.Secure form with spam check and form field validations with highlighted fields on errors to help the user know where they ...
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    Classicus can be used to generate ancient Latin words forms. It generates different forms for Latin nouns, verbs and adjectives.Additionally Classicus can convert Roman numerals to decimal representation and vice-versa.
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    fileUp can be used to manage images uploaded using Web forms. It can copy the uploaded files to a given directory.First it checks whether the destination directory exists and whether the destination file does not yet exist. Otherwise, the class returns an error and does not process the uploaded file.
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    A simple script to allow you to use a feedback form on your site. All you need is PHP and you stop using the mailto links, which every spammer looks for.
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    Utility to validate the fields from a form, you can set the idioms and the fields with an array. If the fields are defined correctly, the ok page is displayed.
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    Small class for preventing that data is sent more than one time by a user if he presses Reload on his browser by setting a token that is written to the session and also placed as a hidden filed in a form. If those two values aren't the same, you get a boolean false by the isValid() function.
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    Simple HTML form creation is meant to create HTML forms by outputting the HTML tags of its elements one by one. It can be more useful in combination with template engine classes.
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    Paranoia was designed to check the validity of the parameters that a php page will receive after a form submision.Paranoia can be used to check the variables sent by POST or GET.
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    MySQLDataViewer is an event driven wrapper to display the result of a MySQL query in a tabular form. It is very simple to use and powerful, completely configurable with colors and data manipulation at the display time.
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    WebWidgets is a library of classes to produce any HTML(XML) documents, create, validate forms. It allow to create any "complicated" forms easy.Any tag is an object. Your can build tags tree by inserting one tag into another and get its content as HTML. Based upon "Composite" OOP patern. Library is very flexible, so your may derive your own classes.
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    linked_select classes generates 2 form select elements linked together, so changes on primary select rebuild the list of values for secondary select. It is crossbrowser for IE 5.x,NS4.x & NS5 (Gecko/NS6).
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