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    Form Table Generator can be used to generate HTML forms for adding or editing MySQL database table records. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table. Then it generates HTML forms for entering values of records of that table.The table primary key field can be automatically omitted from the output. The generated forms may be populated ...
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    Browse Edit displays results of sql statements in a browseable and editable format akin to a excel or Access. Easy, editable displays of columnar data.Features of Browse Edit:- Columns have headers that allow sort order to be changed by clicking on them- Display may be editable or read only- SelectBox (drop down list)- CheckBox- Hideable columns- Editable title bar and ...
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    With this tool you can easily create a web forms to insert/update/delete data in a MySQL database. It automatically generates advanced search panel and form validation too.You can view the data in a short list view and in a detail view. You can easily change the look and feel with using css files. From version 0.5 you can connect to ...
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    radiocheckbox can be used to generate HTML forms with radio and checkbox inputs from data retrieve from MySQL tables.radiocheckbox can query a MySQL database to retrieve the list of ENUM or SET fields of a table that match a given pattern. It can also retrieve a list of record values of a field in a table that match a given ...
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    3SS Data Description Form retrieves structures from a MySQL table.Features of 3SS Data Description Form:- It inserts data from ARRAY; Returns Array/Object;- Returns SQL value string (name = 'value');- Return JavaScript Validation based on NULL fields as not required;
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    Upload Operations can be used to validate and process files uploaded via Web forms.Upload Operations can check if a file with a given form field name was uploaded and if its size it its within the specified file size limit. It may also check if the file MIME type is one of those listed in the allowed file types class ...
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    Forms generator for MYSQL can be used to generate forms to edit MySQL database table records. It can list table record contents and generate forms to edit an existing record or insert a new record.The output of the forms is rendered using templates.
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    Plugin Cal class is a plugin that implements a calendar custom input for the forms generation and validation class by Manuel Lemos.Plugin Cal class is based on the cal_class originally written by Andrea Bersi. The custom input implements a calendar data selection control that allows navigating between calendar months
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    Liste Class can be used to generate form select inputs from the results of MySQL database queries.Features of Liste Class:- Generate the HTML for select inputs from separate definition PHP scripts- Option to make a given option the default selected option- Generate select inputs that appear in one or more lines- Output the current version of the class
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    Mysql e Formulario can be used to manage MySQL database table records using Web based forms.There is a MySQL database access wrapper class that can execute SQL SELECT queries and retrieve the results in several ways, as well execute INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries. There is also a forms generation class that can generate listings and forms to let the ...
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    Advanced Form Handling with PHP offers the possibility not only to validate the users input, but also his input concerning personalizing his web part. He can make his choice from background color, font color, font face, font size - in total four different types of web skins grouped by season themes. The choice controls to personalize his web part are ...
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    Form Classic is meant to output forms with common input field types: text, hidden, password, textarea, radio, checkbox, select.Characteritics are:- Can disable each of the inputs- Custom picture for radio and checkbox inputs- Select inputs can have a sorted list of options from a default value to present closest values first using of levenstein PHP function- Select inputs can use ...
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    apgForm is a PHP file capable of processing web forms and saving them directly into an Excel file. apgForm receives any form with any number of textboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, hidden fields, and password boxes and saves them to an Excel file. It can receive the form regardless of the way it was sent (POST, or GET.) apgForm requires ...
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    spiderMail v2.2 is a complex form mailer. All of the data entered in a form is sent to an e-mail address specified in the form or the script itself. A subject and "from" address address may also be specified. The user input is also printed to the screen.The e-mail and screen presentation are formatted according to two separate templates completely ...
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    Contact Form Killer is a nice little tool you can add to your web site to easily generate contact forms with all that messy form validation already taken care of for you. You can also let your site visitors use the tool to create forms themselves. It's super easy to use, just select what inputs you would like, and Contact ...
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