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    Pow F Validation can be used to validate Web form inputs according to several types of validation.Currently Pow F Validation provides the validation types:- Field is empty- Field is selected- Value matches a regular expression- Value is a e-mail address- Two fields have the same value- Text value is made of letters- Text value length does not exceed a limit- ...
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    KVerifiableData is meant to validate data sets, like for instance submitted form input values, according to several types of criteria:- Data items may be set as required or optional.- Types of verification constraints include: minLength, maxLength, minValue, maxValue, moreThan, lessThan.- Can specify and verify by type: string, integer, float, boolean, date, time.- Data items can be arrays or comma-separated lists.- ...
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    HTMLSelectList is a simple class that can be used to generate HTML form select inputs. It builds a select input from a list of items that can be added individually specifying the item value, the item text to display and whether the item should appear initially selected.The select input name, number of visible items, and other optional elements are configurable. ...
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    cfdj Class is a simple class for checking the required inputs of a form on the server side, so the validation can be done even when user browser have Javascript support disabled.When the form is submitted the class displays error messages to tell the when a required input is empty and needs to be filled.
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    This class can be used to generate Javascript code for validating Web forms. It takes as parameter a list of form fields to be validated that details the field names, types of validations to be performed and the error messages to associate with each error. Currently it supports validating fields by checking whether the values are not empty strings, values ...
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    This PHP Form Mail script is developed by script is developed by WebMultimediaDesigner.com and it's free for personal or professional use. It's fully compatible with PHP 5.0.3 and will not create any problem to display form data in Outlook or any other E-mail Reader. The form result will be HTML Formatted. One thing you have to remember to use this ...
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    This application will convert all data submited by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script. The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standarts and can be opened in Excel or in any other Spreadsheet software.
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    Yes, there are already dozens of contact forms on the net. Sadly, most of them either lack decent features or have huge security holes. Not this one. This is the one I give my clients. YACF - Yet Another Contact Form supports an unlimited number of subjects and can send the email to different addresses based on the subject they ...
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    To administrate data has to be efficient and easy to handle. If you consider for example a publishers company with several authors who have written different books it makes no sense to present the data on different web pages. That's not lucid. PHP and MySql programming and a cross table can help you out. The cross table holds the id-data ...
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    Free, custom build and easy to integrate Order Form. O-Module is very easy to install and can be customized to match your website design: Open the file config.php and replace the name of your company, the email address and select all form and option fields you want to appear in the form. You don't need to know nothing about PHP ...
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    Mini Me Contact Form v3.3, is a simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy way for your customers or clients to provide you with feedback. Mini Me Contact Form is easy to configure and edit. Mini Me Contact Form will also email your client with a ...
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    Provided by: American Financing. eMail PDF Upload Form v2.0, is a simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy to use upload method. Their PDF will be stored onto your server / directory and forward you and the client an email with the link to the PDF ...
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    Provided by: American Financing AFC Simpli Easy Form was created for the beginner programmer who would like to have a simple contact form on their website that will send the owner the persons name, email, phone number and includes a state drop down list, plus more.The form includes email validation and will display the error on the form should the ...
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    SmartyValidate is a form validation class. SmartyValidate is designed to leverage the Smarty templating environment and make form validation as easy and flexible as possible.
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    With GIT formmailer your visitors can contact you from your website. You can adapt the script without any php knowledge. GIT-Formmailer works in only one file and have many check routines for mail, domain, empty fields, phone number, zip-code, IP-logging and more. Now its very easy to include the script to your own design.
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