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    HTML_QuickForm_Wizard extends the HTML_QuickForm_Controller class and implements a wizard-like interface using a finite state machine to handle transitions between pages.The next page is determined from the actual page, the internal state of the wizard, and a set of rules. An XML file or a string can be used to describe the list of pages and rule set.Requirements: PHP 4.2.0 or ...
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    form create class can be used generate and configure HTML forms.
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    HTML_QuickForm_ComboBox is a class that implements a custom input to use with PEAR HTML_QuickForm package that acts as an editable combo box.The custom input lets the user select a value from a list of predefined text values or enter a new value in a text input field. The predefined list of values appears below the text input when the user ...
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    Different groups of fields are allowed and various types of inputs, such as combos and textareas, are implemented.
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    Form Spam Bot Blocker generates hidden inputs for forms that have special values that are verified on the server after the form is submitted to eventually detect whether the form was sent by a spam robot. A hidden input, containing an encoded value of the user browser, IP address and current time, is generated.Form Spam Bot Blocker verifies whether these ...
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    HTTP Upload can be used to handle files that are uploaded to a server via Web forms.Features of HTTP Upload:- It supports applying upload filters to restrict the files that are accepted according to configurable criteria like: file name extension, MIME type, file size, width and height in case the files are images.- It also supports handling uploads of multiple ...
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    There is a base form input class and several classes that wrap each type of common form inputs: button, checkbox, file, hidden, password, radio, select, submit and textarea.Implementation classes can be used to render the form inputs in a simple or table-based layout.
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    The layout can be redefined.Key Features of Multipage forms class:- Sequential mode (Wizard mode): input fields appear in pages that are accessed in sequence using navigation buttons "Continue >>", ">" and "Cancel".- Random access mode (Tabbed pages mode): input fields appear in pages that may be accessed in any order using buttons at the top to go directly to each ...
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    File Uploading with Description manages the uploading files via Web forms with descriptions passed in additional text fields. It is meant to assist in the uploading of image files for publication with content management system.It can process multiple files uploaded with the same form. The files that were uploaded successfully are moved to a given directory. The class may reject ...
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    An associative array containing details about form elements, is returned.Key Features of Html Form Parser:- Form attributes like: action, name, method, enctype- Inputs of type hidden, text, password, textarea, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, button, image, select and its options
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    HTML_QuickForm_LiveText can be used to search for text typed in a text form input and fill other form inputs according to the search results.HTML_QuickForm_LiveText is a custom HTML_QuickForm element implemented as an input text that triggers text search on the server using AJAX when the user types text on the text input.
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    formAt can generate HTML forms with several types of fields, executing SQL queries to retrieve the default values of the MySQL database table fields.formAt can generate text or textarea form inputs depending on length of the database table text fields. It can also generate checkbox, radio, and select inputs to edit enum or set database table fields.CSS styles and JavaScript ...
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    Auto-Gen CSS Forms queries a MySQL database table to retrieve its list of fields and sets limits to form elements based on MySQL database attributes.Auto-Gen CSS Forms generates HTML forms to edit the fields of a record of the specified table. Some of the fields may be hidden. The form submit field may also be customized. Form are populated with ...
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    A New PHP Form validation takes as parameters the value of submitted form field, a validation rule, validation parameters, and an error message.When the value does not pass the validation rule the error message is stored in a class variable. Currently A New PHP Form validation supports the types of validation rules: text, numeric, email, empty, null, scheck, mcheck and ...
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    There is a main forms class, a base input class and several input implementation classes that can validate and render inputs of several types: date, file, hidden, text, select, submit and text area.Forms are rendered by generating all the HTML code for layout out the form inputs automatically.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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