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    Different control parameters, like the enctype=multipart/form-data can be checked.
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    FormClass is useful for use with complex forms and helps when making later business logic modifications. It does not require any modifications be made to the insert query, but only to some hidden form fields.
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    Form fields searches form tags in an given HTML page document and extracts the submission method, encoding type and action URL.Form fields also searches for the the form inputs, extracting their types, default values and associated labels, if any. An associative array is used to return the extracted data.
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    There is one class form generating the HTML to display a contact form inputs of several types like text, checkbox, radio, select, image, file, textarea, submit and hidden.A secondary class can be used to compose and send e-mail messages to a specified contact address. Any files that were uploaded are attached to the message.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The array can be sorted and the tag can be customized. The size of SELECT can have a default value or can be changed.
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    Functions that take arguments to create each type of form input, start and end tags, are provided.The layout of the form is defined automatically by the class functions by making each input appear in a different line, right next to the respective label for the types of inputs that take labels.
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    classListbox can be used to create form select inputs from MySQL database query results, similar to ASP.NET listbox control.classListbox can execute a given MySQL dquery that extracts the option names and the respective values. Then it generates a form select input with the given values. A given value can be displayed as the initially selected value.Optionally, classListbox may also generate ...
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    cm forms is meant for validating and processing Web forms.It provides base classes for performing generic form validation and also sub-classes to perform more specific types of validation like for: names matching rules defined by regular expressions, e-mail addresses, local and international phone numbers.cm forms also provides a base class for processing the forms and a sub-class for processing forms ...
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    PHP 5 Form Class can be used to compose and generate HTML forms in a programmatic way.PHP 5 Form Class provides functions to start and finish composing a form, adding form inputs, add input labels and starting and finishing the definition of a field set with an eventual legend.The form is generated by calling the __toString function. PHP 5 Form ...
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    Time-based tokens are generated and can be used in hidden form fields.The presence of the token in the submitted form values can be verified and an eventual attack can be avoided by not processing the form if the token is not present or is not valid.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A form parameter with a random hash is used in both the form and the processing pages. No Spam class can be used in links and forms.The links or forms that process the hashed parameters can verify the hash and only allow to proceed if the hash of the current date matches the followed URL hash parameter. This may help ...
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    Form Data Cleaner can be used to sanitise GET and POST values based on expected data type rules. It takes a list of GET and POST request parameters that it should analyse and the respective data types that it expects. Currently Form Data Cleaner supports the types: integer, double, string, boolean and array.String values may be escaped for use in ...
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    Security Image displays a form with a text input to let the user enter the displayed characters to be verified.Several parameters such as the verification text length, size and color, as well as the background, can be configured.
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    A form with text inputs of specified names and labels can be composed. Custom Form generator can generate HTML to render the form placing the fields aligned in table.Optionally Custom Form generator may add an input to upload a file to the server.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Inputs of the types text, password, textarea, checkbox and select, can be generated.
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