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    FORM generates form tags with such as "input", "checkbox", etc..
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    The forms can be styled through CSS, using the identifiers automatically added to each form element.There's also a formextra.inc class, which will allow you to add custom made multiple selectboxes.
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    MyForm automatically generates radiogroups, text fields, checkboxes and other input controls.
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    PHP 4 Applications is a class set for implementing a GUI with forms, listviews, etc, using event driven programming helped by the "Remote Scripting" method.The goals of PHP 4 Applications are to:- Do all the work in PHP without having to take care of generating HTML, capturing events on the server side, processing this events using PHP , and returning ...
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    An XSL stylesheet can be used to process the output through xmlForm.
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    My Form supports adding form elements of several types and associate different kinds of validation rules that may be applied to determine whether the form is valid.The output of My Form is composed automatically when each input element is added to the form. JavaScript code is used to validate the form fields.
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    form_handler can optionally generate SQL queries to input the data into a database.You know, creating form and valiting form data is so boring but we must do it everytime we need get some information from our users. So use this form handler. Make everything easy now!
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    The query result data can be returned in an array.Key Features of maDB:- Add/Edit records in mysql via html forms- Format output according to CSS file- Insert rows in a given table setting fields to given values- Retrieve a single row from a given table with the id field set to a given value- Retrieve all rows of a given ...
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    Generic Form class can generate the form start and end tags from a list of parameters set using class variables like the form id, name, action, method, encoding type and events.Basic input tags can also be generated from a list of parameters set by class variables like the input id, name, type, CSS style, value, disabled and read only options.Requirements: ...
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    HTML form elements can be defined from a list of parameters of several types like text, password, hidden, button, checkbox, radio, select, textarea and images.Another HTML Generator can generate the HTML output of the form including Javascript for event handling, redirecting the browser to another page, go back to the previous page, reload the current page, or open pop-up windows.Requirements: ...
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    FormHandler can generate a form and save/edit data from a MySQL, PostgreSQL or Access database.Key Features of FormHandler:- Validate submitted values- Can use templates- The form HTML code is XHTML 1.0 compliant- Possibility to change to style of the form- Possibility to associate CSS styles or Javascript to the fields- There can be generated special fields like date fields- Support ...
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    extension to form.inc is an extension to the form.inc class. As opposed to the standard multipleselect lists, this uses a normal select box, but when an item is selected, it appears next to the selectbox.If another item is selected, extension to form.inc will appear under the first item selected. If one of the already selected items is reselected, it will ...
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    I derive my form-element-classes from this class. At this moment it only sets the name for an element.
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    Form_Element can be used to as a base for building more complex form element classes.
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    Editable select input can be used to generate a form select input with a text input that can alter the selected value. It is a PHP wrapper of a JavaScript example made available in the dhtmlgoodies.com site.Editable select input outputs the necessary JavaScript and HTML to generate a text input with menu that opens when the user clicks on the ...
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