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    form_template reads the form configuration from a flat file, including display options and validation.Validation can be either server-side or client-side via javascript.
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    Extended MKTime generates HTML for form select inputs of the year, month, day, hour, minute and second.Extended MKTime can also analyze the POST form variable and extract the date and time specified by the user.
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    Functions to define the output of all types of common HTML form input fields are provided in power Form.CSS style classes can be optionally used to define the form inputs presentation details, while additional input tag attributes can be added to let the developers define custom Javascript code.
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    Several validation types are supported by default, but others can also be added.Key Features of CMC_form_validation:- Required field- Numerical characters only- Alphanumerical characters only
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    Rule based system for taking data associated with a database result id and pushing through specified templates.Result Class allows for significant reuse of code, particularly forms.
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    Validator4Fields can validate values against several types of rules. It can check an associative array of string values to verify whether a given set of rules.Currently Validator4Fields can perform the following checks:- Empty strings- E-mail address- String with spaces- URL- Secure password- String length limit- String with bad wordsIf there are any invalid values, the class output HTML with Javascript ...
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    Paypal Class can generate HTML for forms or links to insert in Web pages of sites that need to accept payments via Paypal like: buy now buttons, subscriptions, add to Paypal shopping cart or internal shopping cart, gift certificates and donations.Paypal notifications can also be handled via IPN. Paypal Class supports testing payments using the Paypal sandbox.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Form values can be restored automatically through Form taglib classes.
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    Intelligent DB Form Helper SJ can output HTML for several types of inputs from a list of arguments, like: textarea, checkbox, text, select and select with dates.Previously submitted values or initially specified values are loaded into the displayed inputs.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Forms to insert, update and delete records in database tables, can be composed.cls_form generates the necessary HTML to present forms for each type of action and executes the corresponding database queries.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Textfields, textareas, checkboxes, radio groups, single and multible list selectors and submit/reset buttons are supported.Colors and styles are customizable. Most form properties are supported such as disabled, read only, maxlenght etc..
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    The state of select boxes for day, month and year, are created and managed.Manages state over multiple pages, so it can display exactly what the user just chose without extra work.
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    MorphForm allows for flexible, configurable form processing.MorphForm can handle any combination of email, file output, or browser output based on the configuration files supplied by the developer.
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    Displays mandatory and no mandatory fields with a custom font, style and action. form utils can also display the error list with a personalized non-web-standard font.
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    The XML document is parsed and rewritten with optional changes.Tags can be idented, line breaks can be added, transformations to special characters can be applied and regular expressions can be used to replace character data.
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