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  1. Weather Kosovo
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    Weather Kosovo can be used to retrieve weather information from Google. It sends a request to the Google Weather Web services API, then it can fetch information for a given location. If no location is givened, it will choose Kosovo for the first time. This script can return the current and forecast weather conditions and temperatures.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
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    This PHP script is manily used to retrieve local weather forecast by sending a request to the weather.com site for a given location. It can parse and store the results of the weather forecast in a local cache file.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
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    YWeather retrieves a XML document from the Yahoo! Weather Web services API server with weather forecast information for a given location. The XML document can be parsed and weather forecast condition, condition image and Yahoo URL with details, can be extracted. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP Yahoo Weather Class retrieves the weather RSS feed of a given location in the world and extracts details like location name, sunrise and sunset time, current weather and the weather forecast for the next days.The retrieved information can be cached in a local file for a specified period of time.
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    TS classes can be used to perform time series analysis aiming at support forecasting activities. TS classes takes a sequence of data (i.e. time series) and calculates several types of values such as mean, variance, standard deviation, etc.. It also implements the algorithm for simple linear regression and for exponential smoothing forecasting. TS classes supports graphics through jgraph library.
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    Brazillian Weather can be used to retrieve weather forecast details for Brazilian cities.It connects to the TempoAgora site and retrieves several details about the weather forecast of a given Brazilian city, like: the city name, weather forecast description and icon, minimum and maximum temperatures, expected rain level and wind speed, sunrise and sunset time.Limitations:The code is in Portuguese.
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