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    PhpCache is a PHP script for implementing a simple data caching engine, a system for storing commonly used data temporarily on the client's side. It has a simple design, using a temp cache folder to store the data, using PhpCache allows programmers to speed up their apps and websites. This is because data will be saved locally for an amount ...
  2. Dropbox Uploader
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    Dropbox Uploader is a PHP script which can be used to upload files to Dropbox, an online file synchronization and backup service. The function will allow users to submit via a simple web form, data to a centralized Dropbox folder. What's New in This Version:- Dropbox changed domain from www.getdropbox.com to www.dropbox.com, script updated.
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    CheckFile is a PHP script to parse a specified folder, checking for invalid UTF-8 characters and invalid Windows filename characters by default. It can perform optional checks for invalid ASCII characters as well. The programmer can also turn on/off the UTF-8 and/or ASCII when running the script, if wanted. While running it'll give a detailed log over any files that ...
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    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. ...
  5. PHP 5.4 File Upload Progress
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    PHP 5.4 File Upload Progress is a file upload progress bar implemented in PHP 5.4 and HTML 5. The new PHP 5.4.x branch implemented a progress upload monitoring feature which can be used to signal the user whenever his upload finishes. This is just a demo of that feature, to help developers get started on their own. Requirements:- PHP 5.4 ...
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    Basic Uploader is a program which will allow you to upload several files simultaneously, and store them in a folder that you preset. It has an option to rename files with a unique id, that will prevent overwriting blocks, while restricting file types that are uploaded. Requirements:- PHP 4+
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    modglob is a PHP script for detecting changes made to PHP files in a directory. To install just place it in the folder to watch changes for and access it directly to get a list of recent modified files. It will also work from the PHP CLI. Features of modglob:- Log levels (last hour, day, week, month & forever)- Add ...
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    DataLoad10 is the perfect PHP script for you, if you want to share the contents of a folder on your webspace easily! Just put this index.php into the folder and include or link it and your users will be able to download and even upload files from/to that folder! Features of DataLoad10:- finding all files in a folder- offers download ...
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    The w3easyAdmin provides basic file and folder management, source code editing, file upload, file backup and chmod functionality. Moreover it is prepared to easily integrate well respected open source applications like CKEditor (advanced wysiwyg editor), KCFinder (i.a. image and multimedia file uploader, image previewer), the PHFTP online ftp manager and an javascrypt text encryption script. There is also included a ...
  10. Indexr
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    Indexr is a simple image gallery script written in PHP. Just place it in the same folder with some images and will do the rest. Features of Indexr:- Sort files by date, name or extension - Filter files by extension- Easily Customize CSS and layout- List all/any filetypes in a specific directory- Resize images or create thumbnails on-the-fly for any ...
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    Tiny PHP gallery is a tiny lightweight image gallery PHP script. Just drop the PHP file into a web folder with images and it will work out of the box. Additional styles can be added via a CSS file. It adds navigation controls on its own and will also try to generate thumbnails for every image.
  12. Encode Explorer
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    Encode Explorer is a file browser written in PHP, XHTML and CSS. It displays the list of files in a folder, It was desiged to be used in safe mode and so it is kept simple and functional. Free for everyone.Features of Encode Explorer:- Files can be sorted by name, size and editing time- You can move in folders- Thumbnails ...
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    ZIP Client is designed to generate ZIP archives of all the files to publish in a present folder, It is a great PHP compression script to send ZIP archives to Produce and Publish servers. XML-RPC requests can be sent to submit the archives to a given Produce and Publish server.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Anyone can keep a changelog of edited files! Add / Edit / Delete Files & Folders easily. Have Unlimited Sub-Directories. Code is very neat and easy to read. It also has some protection for the end user so they don't have to resort to using phpMyAdmin to fix the problem :-D
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    This package implements an AJAX based notes editor. It generates a user interface panel divided in three sections updated without reloading using AJAX: a menu, a folder list and the content viewer.The content section displays forms for creating, viewing and editing notes.The folders section lists the available section. The content section is updated when a folder item is selected to ...
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