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  1. FlickrShow WordPress Plugin
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    Flickr Show WordPress plugin, which can create a Flickr sildshow in WordPress - Use the Flickr.com API to load flickr photostreams, photo sets and search tags into wordpress photo galleries. Simply insert shortcode into your page or load a widget into your sidebar. Requires WordPrss 3.0+ and PHP 5. Features of FilckrShow WordPress Plugin:- Create PhotoStream, Photo Sets and Search ...
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    This is a WordPress plugin for embedding image slideshows into posts and pages and can be used to embed Flickr galleries or photos added as attachments. A settings panel is included in the admin's backend. The image galleries are rendered using the jQuery Galleriffic plugin.Requirements:- WordPress 3 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Function-based structure converted to Class-based structure.- Redesigned ...
  3. PHP-SimpleCache
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    This PHP Script can be used to cache timed API calls to 3rd party services like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and much more others.
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    phpFlickrSynch is a PHP application that reads the metadata of your photos stored on Flickr, stores them in a local MySQL database, and gives you an API to let you play with those metadata. If you had stored so many photos in Flickr and have an idea to donwload them all, phpFlickrSynch is right for you!
  5. phpFlickr
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    phpFlickr is a script written in PHP to act as a wrapper for Flickr’s API. Methods process the response from Flickr's API and return a friendly array of data to make development simple and intuitive.
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    Requests to execute arbitrary commands can be sent to the Flickr API, using a specified API key with Flickr API Wrapper.The API response can be cached for a given cache timeout value. The response values are returned in objects.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Flickr API Class can be used to retrieve information associated to an user account of the Flickr photo sharing Web service.It provides functions to retrieve information about users, groups, photo sets and photo information.Flickr API Class can cache information retrieved in prior requests either in a local database or on local files.
  8. No Screenshot
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    Looking for a php script to create the square style thumbnails that flickr uses? Look no further, this is a very easy php script using ImageMagick to convert and save your squared thumbnails.Easily integrates into existing code, you'll be up and running in minutes.
  9. No Screenshot
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    Flickr API Parser can be used to query Flickr to obtain information about photos available in the site.Functions of Flickr API Parser:- Create authentication tokens to access the information available on the site- Search for photos- Retrieve information about a given photo- Retrieve the available sizes of a given photo- Retrieve information about the next and previous photos in the ...
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