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    The PFM (Personal Finance Manager) is a financial organizer and planner which was developed with the idea that no human has the time or motivation to track each and every expense in their busy schedule.
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    CurrencyConvert is a simple PHP Class that's easy to incorporate into your scripts to provide online currency conversion.It obtains prices in real time from the Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter. You can convert between any two of the large number of currencies supported by Yahoo! and the Class provides a list of currency symbols and names to make it easy to ...
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    Paypal Pro Payment Integration can send HTTP request to the Paypal API Web servers to execute a given API operation passing a list of name and value pairs. It can also send requests to the sandbox API web servers. The response name value pairs are returned as an associative array. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Financial functions with the Excel function names and parameter order.Financial_class includes:- Thirty360USdayCount- Thirty360USyearFraction- Thirty360EUdayCount- Thirty360EUyearFraction- ActualActualdayCount- ActualActualyearFraction- Actual360dayCount- Actual360yearFraction- Actual365dayCount- Actual365yearFraction- DATEADD- DATEDIFF- DELTA- DOLLARDE- DOLLARFR- DAYS360- PV- FV- FVSCHEDULE- PMT- IPMT- PPMT- NPER- EFFECT- NOMINAL- DDB- SYD- SLN- DISC- RECEIVED- INTRATE- NPV- XNPV- IRR- MIRR- XIRR- RATE- VDB- YIELD- PRICEDISC- YIELDDISC- COUPNUM- COUPDAYSBS
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    Stock Quoter allows you to display stock quotes (20 minute delay) and intraday charts in any PHP page on your website. Super easy to install - just upload to any directory and it runs stand-alone. Use a PHP include statement or paste the code directly to display as part of an existing PHP page. Separate config file lets you control ...
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    wwdbank is an online pocket money / allowance management system, administered by parents. It could also be used to manage a token economy or reward system in the classroom or other institutional setting. Easy to set up - most of the set up is completed automatically with setup.php. Requires PHP and MySQL.
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    Salary modul is the one for counting/calculating salary for authors that writing using PHP Nuke system.We know that most of pages based on PHP Nuke are fancy, but anyway, by using Salary modul you can evaluate which author is best in your STAFF.
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