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    This class can filter input of stray or malicious PHP, Javascript or HTML tags and to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It should be used to filter input supplied by the user, such as an HTML code entered in form fields.I have tried to make this class as easy as possible to use. You have control over the filter process ...
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    Request filter can apply given filter rules to the script request values such as those passed via GET or POST HTTP methods.Currently the class supports rules that specify filters to accept only values that can be strings or integers or do not exceed a given limit.The request values that do not conform to the filter rules can be discarded, so ...
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    Sax Filters is a set of classes implementing SAX filters, the classes include a SAX class to parse XML documents using Expat and defines a way to create SAX filters to perform SAX- based queries, updates and transformations of documents.Simple filters can be chained to construct augmented complex XML processors.Interfaces for filters are very easy to define. Sax Filters include ...
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