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    NDL is a class that gives you total control over the process of downloading files from your server by hiding the actual file location.Using different rules (based on IP, browser or download manager, http referrer, number of simultaneous connections, authorization status) you can grant or deny permission to download files.Besides, you can also gather statistics on the following:- download manager- ...
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    AudioFile was basically built to recognize attributes (like frequency, format, channels, resolution, compression, length, id3-tags) of audio-files (.wav,.aif,.mp3,.ogg).Furthermore the latest version includes a method to visualize audio-samples as known in common audio-software (waveLab, CoolEdit...) using the GD-library.
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    RS Cache can be used to store and retrieve variables in cache files. It provides a function to store the value of a variable of any type in a file of a given folder.The file name is determined by a given unique identifier and an integer number that indicates the time when the cache file was created.RS Cache also provides ...
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    File Split is meant to split big text files in multiple parts with limited number of lines. It may be useful for splitting text log files.File Split uses three parameters : the name of the file to split, the path of the split file parts, and the limit of lines per file.
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    Navigator is meant to browse a given server file system directory.Navigator can also perform several types of manipulations of the directory files:- Change permissions- Retrieve the total size of all the directory files- Create new files or sub-directories- Remove files or directories
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    Configuration is meant to read and write configuration files similar to INI files. The configuration files may have multiple sections with the possibility to define multiple levels of access that determine whether a given section is considered or nor.The section levels are identified by names like for instance: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL. The class provides means to add, remove, ...
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    MS files converter converts any document, that can be read by MS Word, to another format supported by Word.Converts extensions from/to: doc,dot,txt,rtf,htm,html,asc,wri,wps... It is designed only for Windows as it uses COM.
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    FileDB class allows you to easily store, display and send files from a database. It has a built-in hit counter and stores information of last edition, upload, etc..This class uses my db abstraction layer, AbstractDB which allows a unified and easy access to databases, which you can see in this class.CONSTRUCTOR:function FileDB(&$db, $host, $database, $user, $password)FUNCTIONS:function add($file_name, $file_descr = '')function ...
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    Rename is a simple class that can be used to rename all files in a directory.It can traverse a given directory and rename all files to have the same prefix followed by a number and the original file name extension.
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    Class Cache is capable of caching arbitrary data in files of a given folder. This is meant to help reducing the time it takes to serve the same content of pages that would take a long time to generate and would slow down the access to such pages if they had to regenerated everytime when not using content caching.Class Cache ...
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    The purpose of BinPacker is to copy or move the files to a set of directories, so that the total size of all files in each directory does not exceed a given size limit.It can can be quite handy in situations where you need to transfer an huge amount of files, which would be a tedious job to perform manually.This ...
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    File permission classes is meant to handle file permissions. It may work with permission values as octal numbers or from arrays to edit file permissions of web pages.
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    Compare Files can compare two text files, like for instance PHP, HTML, ASP, to determine which lines are different. It can also highlight the differences displaying the files in inline frames.
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    bib_uploadfile can be used to process files uploaded via Web forms.The class can move the uploaded files to another directory, eventually with a new file name. If the other directory does not exist, the class may create it.If the uploaded files are actually image files, the class may also resize them to a given new image size.
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    sql2dia creates a diagram from your sql file.
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