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    File Scope Replacer is meant to find and replace data in files.The replacer class takes a text data value to be found as well the replacement text. It scans files from a given directory to find and replace the specified data.The replacer class may either scan all files or just the ones that match a given regular expression. It may ...
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    Create File By Parsing Dir can scan a given directory recursively and create a CSV file with the list of files with found in the directory that have file extensions of a given list.The CSV file uses a comma (,) as separator by default but it may use a different separator character.
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    Read/Write INI-Files.
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    page per mail is a simple class that can read the data of a file and escape the special characters with an escape character that is inserted before each special character.The escape character and the list of characters to be considered special can be configured by changing the respective class variables.page per mail can be used to escape the text ...
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    Legacy Files can be used to read, write, change and convert legacy text files, such as those that store records of data delimited by certain text characters.Legacy Files provides functions for reading and write line records iteratively. It can validate the data of the fields of the records of the header, footer or body data.
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    ISO 2709 Record is meant to handle record files in the ISO 2709 format, a common format for data exchange between libraries. It provides functions for validating, reading and creating records in the ISO 2709 format.ISO 2709 Record is able to retrieve given fields in the 'MARC' flavour record and generating such records from raw data.Limitations:The comments in the code ...
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    Retrieves the file size, type and last modifies of a file that can be reached via a HTTP connection.
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    Split and merge files can split a file into given number of pieces. It can also gather the split file pieces to rebuild the original file.Split and merge files can be useful for serving large files for download, or sending large files by e-mail or any other means that does not provide enough space to store files larger than a ...
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    Fuzzy File Times is a simple class that will return the created, modified and accessed times of a file (unix timestamp), and a slightly more fuzzy time string, such as "today at...", "yesterday at...". Fuzzy File Times only includes a small amount of 'fuzziness' right now, but could easily be built on.
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    Removes lines containing a given regular expression from the given files.
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    CCsv is a simple and easy class for reading/writing 3dim arrays as CSV files.
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    Lib Script Parser is meant to parse configuration files that define hierarchies of settings with unlimited depth. It builds associative arrays with the names of the options and the respective values.
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    Def Setting Files is meant to format definition files in the def format. This format is used by other classes of mine also published here to define generate graphs and charts.Def Setting Files supports multi-dimensional arrays using [ and ] characters as delimiters and ; as separator. It also supports strings that do not need any start or end delimiter ...
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    File Info Cache browses a directory and recursively caches file information to a database. Once the file information is in a database you can access it easily and efficiently. This script is only intended to run from the shell, from a crontab or similar process; I don't recommend changing permissions on your files for the webserver to access them!File Info ...
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    Csession class provides you session management with timeout and applications based on temporary files.
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