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    ReGet Parser can be used to parse extract information from ReGet Deluxe save files. It can retrieve list of files queued for downloading as an associative array that contains the attributes of each file.
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    String Searcher can be used to search for a given text in files of any size.String Searcher opens a given file and looks up for a given text string. It stops the search when the text is found or the end of the file has been reached.String Searcher can perform either case sensitive or insensitive searches.
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    cjgExplorerPro is a Web-based file explorer written in php. The look and feel resembles the windows explorer's. The user can navigate thru the folder tree under the configured root. On each folder, the user can view, copy, delete, move, rename, change permissions and edit the files.Archiving and remote extraction are supported (Tar, Tgz and Zip formats). Text and hexadecimal editing ...
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    Recover Stream can be used to serve content for download in a way that can be suspended and resumed with download manager programs like GetRight or similar.There is a base class that is capable of recognizing download requests with attempts to resume previously suspended downloads.There are two implementation classes that can be used to handle resumed downloads of static files ...
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    3SS Sync File can be used to create or update local copies of files taken from a remote server. It checks whether the local copy of a file already exists. If it does not exist, the file is copied from the remote server.If the local copy already exists, it compares the remote file and local copy contents. If the contents ...
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    Upload your CVS converted MS Excel or Text files to your Mysql database very easily with this simple little script. You can use it independently or integrate into your existing script.Free to download for non commercial use. Visit our site for more FREE stuff.
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    This class can be used to get the last lines of a file like the Unix tail command.It can also filter the retrieved lines so only the lines that have a certain keyword or match a given regular expression are returned, like when using the Unix grep command.It uses pure PHP commands so it can work on non-Unix like systems.The ...
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    CSV Tokenizer class can be used to parse CSV files (Comma-Separated-Value used by Excel and other spreadsheet programs.It works by splitting the data of CSV lines into tokens in a similar way to the PHP strtok function, but all delimiters are significant, i.e. consecutive delimiters are not globbed into one, and empty string tokens are permitted.
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    Jargon File Processor allows you to extract definitions from the jargon file, works with a searchable index, alphabetical listing, random word display and pure text or html capability.
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    fileUp can be used to manage images uploaded using Web forms. It can copy the uploaded files to a given directory.First it checks whether the destination directory exists and whether the destination file does not yet exist. Otherwise, the class returns an error and does not process the uploaded file.
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    XMI2PHP is a tool for automatic generation PHP class files from XMI files.XMI2PHP is not only able to generate new files but also to update previously generated files for which it preserves changes made since first generation or previous update.
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    File Icon can be used to retrieve icons and other types of metadata of a given file. It can retrieve the icon image file name associated to a file based on the file name extension. It may also return img alt="" tags to display the file icon in HTML pages.Several image files of graphic size 16x16 are provided to associate ...
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    FileReplace is a small class created to do signal's replacements, using a template file.
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    NtxFile reads CA/Clipper NTX index files, similar to the xBase seek function. Writing is not (yet) possible.Usage is fairly simple.NtxFile can be used in combination with the dbase_* functions.It makes a web front end in PHP for a legacy Clipper app.
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    MkDir is a simple class for creating directories in the local file system or in a remote server file system using a FTP connection.
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