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    Download file class has simple interface to download any file from a server without displaying the location of the file.
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    PHP server-side web browser is a simple set of scripts with anonymizing support to do folowing:- Take a URL from user input- Connects to the server according to the URI, passing through redirects (Location header) and gets the reply headers of the final URL.- If the content type of the URL is text/html, it parses the content and changes the ...
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    Create ZIP File can create ZIP archives from lists of files. It provides means to add individual files or whole directories to the list of files packed into a ZIP archive. The class can generate the packed archive as a string value.Create ZIP File can also output the necessary request response headers to serve the generated ZIP archive for download. ...
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    Several server-side operations, such as folder browsing, delete, copy, paste, cut and creating new files or folders, can be performed.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHPZip class is based on "Zip file creation class" and uses zLib.
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    HTTP Download can be used to dynamically serve data from files for download. It can handle HTTP requests that ask to resume the download of files that were partially downloaded previously. So, it supports any download manager program that the users may employ.HTTP Download can serve data from files available on the serve or from dynamically generated data strings. It ...
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    Create CSV can execute a MySQL database query and use the results to format the contents of a CSV file.The CSV file contents can be served for download or save to a file, as they are returned as a string.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archivesallows the creation of tar, gzip, bzip2, and zip archives, and the extraction of tar, gzip, and bzip2. It supports relative paths/no paths, comments, and recursing through subdirectories.TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archives can write file to disk, allow user to download directly, or return file contents in a string or an array. Does not require any external programs to run. PHP must ...
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    Simple Server File Browser can generate listings with links to the URLs of pages to show each file or directory.The directories are only accessed if a secret hash value generated by the class is passed in the directory link URL. In this way the class can protect the access to directories via path guessing.Dynamically generated links are listed as links. ...
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    A specified directory is parsed recursively and the file names are compared to a given one.File Search & Get Similar Files uses the Levenshtein algorithm to compare the file names and return those that are similar to the name being searched.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GSM can traverse a given directory to extract the list of files with given file name extension to be added to the site map given the site base URL.Certain file entries may be excluded from the list. GSM can also make certain file entries to be listed with the last modification date and a specific priority.The generated site map XML ...
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    Class Grep Search can traverse a given directory recursively and search for a given text the contents of files with a given list of file name extensions.An array variable is used to store the path of the files that contain the specified text. The class returns the number of occurrences.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Binary search can search for a given identifier in a file that has lines that contain only the identifier and a value separated by a tab character.A binary search algorithm is used to narrow the search for a specified identifier, which is good when dealing with large files.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Check backup can take a file with a list of files to create backup copy to a given backup directory.Check backup can determine which files changed since the last backup session before creating a compressed tar archive of the old backup directory and copying the new files.A log can be generated and an e-mail message with the list of files ...
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    phpMyApplication helps beginner - advanced web developers to create required tables and manage data of their website or web based application (data,image,file) in easiest and fastest way.PHPMyApplication also allows web developers to mix (or include) phpmyapplication.php with their own scripts to create more automated and advanced application. You can create simple standalone applications also. phpMyApplication saves your time & programming ...
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