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    STRIP-EXTENSION.PHP is created to provide a solution for someone who wanted to create a page with a list of local files, stripped of all their extensions. Initially, my solution involved string manipulation functions, and a list of extensions. It turned out that the list of possible file types was too big to maintain. That's when I discovered the php pathinfo ...
  2. POST2PDF Converter
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    POST2PDF Converter is a WordPress plugin for exporting posts and pages as PDF files. While adding a small button to the page/post which can save its content as a PDF file which based on the TCPDF PHP script.Features of POST2PDF Converter:- Easy to add a download link into every posts/pages.- Easy to configure.- I18n.Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher- PHP 5 ...
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    eventCreator is a web editor for iCal file events. User can import, upload or create a new event and save it to another format like iCal, xCal, RSSCal 1.0 and 2.0. A demo is included with the download package.Features of eventCreator:- Upload of local or remote iCal files- Create and delete of iCal files- Select calendar files for editing- Create, ...
  4. Filecharger
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    Filecharger is a self hosted, web-based file management solution for businesses, service providers, and individuals. Filecharger uses PHP and the latest web standards for fast deployment and broad compatibility.Features of Filecharger:- File Explorer Feel Power of an FTP client or explorer, online Zip and unzip files easily Create, upload, move and rename files Preview many file types in-browser- User Management ...
  5. Directory Lister
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    Directory Lister is a file and directory listing PHP web app and has been tested with all major browsers. It replaces standard file and folder navigational structures with a nicely crafted interface. To use, upload the file and folder root structure on the same level as index.php.Features of Directory Lister:- Easy to use interface- File and folder icons- Cross-browser tested- ...
  6. Referrer logger
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    Referrer logger is a simple flat file PHP referrer logger, which simply stores URL referrals in a text file for simple and easy reading.Installation:- To install simply upload the log-referrer.php and refers.txt file. On some webhosts and setups you may have to CHMOD refers.txt to 777 or 755.- Then paste the following PHP code where you wish to track refers ...
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    Uakari Earth is a next generation HTML5 Binary File Uploader script. Requires HTML5 browser File Reader API. Features drag and drop or select multiple files
  8. FileGrep
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    This PHP script wraps the Linux/UNIX grep command for performing file searches. It can be used to locate files on an *NIX filesystem.The code is very well commented and provides all the details needed to understand how the script works and how it needs to be used.
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    index0r is the ultimate directory indexer and file browsing script that you can include on just about any page or be just a directory index. Features include thumbnails, sorting, directory sizes and contents, file types, et cetera.
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    This is a PHP application to convert Work-like file formats into XML. It takes formats such as MS-Word .DOC and OpenOffice .ODT, parses them and exports the content into XML-based publishing layout formats.It provides the ability to edit document metadata such as the list of authors, as well as robust citation editing, checking and correction.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher- MySQL ...
  11. PhpIndex Light
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    PhpIndex Light is a PHP disk file browsing utility. Point it to a web directory and it will allow visitors to explore the disk using an intuitive GUI.Features of PhpIndex Light:- Easy to install and use- Easy to customize- Very fast- Very low memory usage- Valid XHTML- Fully SEO optimizedRequirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Apache mod_rewrite enabledWhat's New in this ...
  12. Add From Server
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    This plugin allows you to browse the filesystem on the webserver and copy any files into the WordPress uploads system. Once "imported" it will be treated as any other uploaded file, and it can be accessed via the Media Li.Requirements:- WordPress 2.5 or HigherWhat's New in this version Fixed translations not loading early enough for menu items.Installation:- Unpack and ...
  13. PHPTracker
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    PHPTracker is a PHP library to generate .torrent files and other BitTorrent related actions. It can render a Bittorrent files of local files, manage peer announcements and act as an initial seed. Features of PHPTracker:- Creating standard .torrent files from any file on the server- Tracking client peers and managing peer announcements- Initially seeding a file with a peer daemon ...
  14. wp Time Machine
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    wp Time Machine is a WordPress plugin which creates archives of all WordPress data & files and stores them remotely. It will safely put away important files in case of future disasters, allowing the user to retrieve important content. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of wp ...
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    This is a useful script whenever a web-based folder structure is needed. It is a PHP based web file manager.Features of WFiles:User Area Features:- Functions can be limited by the administrator authorizations assigned to groups or users.- Navigation folders and search files/folders features;- Visualization of information about files or folders (last access date, last modification date, size, file type);- Create, ...
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